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[Champion Suggestion] Noxxorius, Acid Elemental

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Name: Noxxorius
Addition: Acid Elemental

Yepp, it, a picture so i wont say anything about its looks^^
Well of course it is green!

Lore: Noxxorius was created when the acid and poisonouis trash from several research centers, fabrics and other more dark´centered organisations merged together with an water elemental. The pure energie of the elemental and the wild magic floting aroung gave birth to another creature. Upon his ascension from the dumps under the town Noxxorius began to consume every drop of acid and poison he could find. He ended up in the league of legends accidentally after following an track of extremly efficent poison.

Start damage: Medium
Life: High
Movement: 300
Close-quarter fighter

Has no Mana!
So magic equal to 0


Corroding Acid
Noxxorius attacks melt the enemys armor reducing it
by 5% per stack. Up to 8 stacks

1. (Q) Poison Ball (costs 8% of max. health)
Noxxorius huls a part of himself at an enemy dealing dmg(increases with skill lvl) +
8% of his max life over 4 seconds.

2. (W) Gather
Noxxorius gathers fluid from around to replenish his health
for 4 seconds (can´t take actions while channeling) but decreasing
his damage by 45/40/35/30/25% for 6 seconds.

3. (E) Acid Body
Noxxoruis consist of acid and poison damaging his attackers
and making his attacks poisonus, damaging the enemy over 2 seconds for
10/20/30/40/50 dmg

Ultimate (R) Disperse Noxxorius dispereses dmaging all enemies in the
area and while gathering again damages every enemy standing an him.
can´t take any action while gathering but can ´t be attacked.

so thats basically it i could not figure out some of the dmg calculations because i don´t now what would be too much/less.

Also sry if my english is not that perfect, but i am from germaany so please don´t mind^^

mfg Cerdaemon