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[Champion suggestion] Shanya,The demonslayer (Castlevania:OoE inspired)

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First I need to mention that this champion is mostly based on the protagonist of Castlevania:Order of Ecclesia,so by changing some names and stuff I hope I won't break any copyright laws,id I do then notice me to delete this thread or ban my account but LoL need CASTLEVANIA CHAMP.

hmmmm... still thinking but it must sound cool and sad at the same time,open for suggestions

attributes:mage,pusher,magical DPS.

stats: health:324 + 90/level (1944 at lvl 18)
mana:170 + 37/level (836 at lvl 18)
movement speed: 330
armor:15 + 3/level (69 at lvl 18)
magic resist:20 + 1.50 per level (47 at lvl 18)
critical strike:2.5% + 0.425& per lvl (10.15% at lvl 18)
health regen:1.50 + 0.13 per level (3.84 at lvl 18)
mana regen:0.8 + 0.07 per level (2.06 at lvl 18)


Passive:demonslayer's insight:if shaon... I mean shanya won't attack for 5 seconds then her base mana regen is doubled,50% of this ability is applied to mana regen from items

Q ability:
confordere:shanya uses a rapier gylph from within her to stab her target,dealing 100/120/140/160/180 (+0.4 AP) magical damage to him/her(in physical damage),5 rose petals rise from the target and dealing 20/25/30/35/40% of that damage in a cone,400 range,450 cone range,70/80/90/10/110 manacost 10/8/6/4/and at level 5 the cooldown is the same as her attack speed

Hasta:Shanya uses a lance gylph from within her lunges with a huge lance at the target location dealing 100/175/250/325/400 (+0.5 AP) magical damage,if she hits no enemies then she is slowed by 30% for 3 seconds.70 manacost at all levels,14/13/12/11/10 seconds cooldown,700 range

E ability:
Magnes:Shanya uses a magnetic gylph from within her to pull all enemies in 450 AOE to her position,becoming immune upon touching her and reducing her armor and magic resist by 50/45/40/35/30%,when entering the AOE enemies have a chance of being repelled instead of being pulled,the chance decreases as their level increases (to avoid turret fishing,both from their turret or at your turret),while off,ech time shanya kills an enemy champion she randomly gains one of her victim's ability for use,available until the champion resurrects

R ability:
Dominus:Shanya uses an ancient gylph to unleash a devastating wave of energy powered by her entire magical force.100% mana cost,deals 0.5,0.75,1 damage per point of mana,2.5 seconds channeling time.

I'll gladly listen to any suggestions and whining,and I'll try to apply them.Again I hope I won't have trouble with copyright stuff,oh yea and I'll add more stuff like lore and voice act lines over time