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Singed help please

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I have been looking for guides on the forums here and haven't found many(I am aware of the directory of guides and have seen the singed guides and did not like them one bit). Also if anyone could help critique the way I am playing him now so that I may be the best singed I can be would be greatly appreciated.

I usually start off with a sapphire crystal and 1 health pot and 1 mana pot and shoot for catalyst first and try to get my rod of ages as quick as possible, followed by boots of swiftness/mercury treads if needed. The rest kind of varies from what is needed (more hp/more armor/more magic resist.)

In the attached is my masteries and the build I will usually shoot for. Lastly I really have no clue what runes to use and some feedback on runes would be great as well.

Edit- I currently use Ghost and Ignite, feedback on summoner spells would be helpful too.

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Well singed is my favourite tank.

so some thoughts of how i play him

summoner skills ghost + teleport, ignite, exhaust, flash, fortify

my runes:
19 armor and resist on lvl 18
10 armor and 5 resist (i would really like to try + 20 armor from runes, and zero at lvl 18)
and quints for 4,5% movement speed

I dont see the point using offensive setup, because you are a tank or mage/ support tank, and thats the only role where you can shine. And in my opinion tank >= magetank.
Same in masteries i go full defense 0/21/9 or same as you go.

When i am playing as tank i buy regrowth pendant or that cheaper one and make it to spirit vissage + some pots. More regen allows you to be more agressive take more dmg and your team mate take less. When you have a good killer team mate u can buy boots and pots and rush for FB on lvl one with fling, then get back for regen item and pots.
As tank i rush mercury treads and spirit visage(good synergy with ultimate), and saphire stone somewhere between that . Then katalyst.
Now it depends on game and enemy team, u can go Rod of ages, Frozen heart, Banshee. Frozen heart + visage ulti cd 72 seconds ). After frozen heart it depends if u need armor or resist warden mail(great tank item but after frozen heart it really shines) of force of nature. Fifth or last item i usually get is sunfire cape. U can also buy warmog or second rod, or leviatan at begining.

As mage rush rod one or two, abysal scepter, i would recomend mercuy treads but u can go swiftness if u want. Four slots filled, so get some tanky items now. Pick two from warden mail, frozen heart, banshee and force of nature.
Rylai works with gas but i never found it to be a great advantage.

skill build
max gas as soon as possible, and get at least one skill point to adhsive at lvl 3 or 4. As tank i usually max adhesive and then fling as magetank fling and then adhesive.

In lane dont be afraid rush to them if u are suported by good DPS, when they run they cant atack and u can flin them to your team mates to gas, adhesive. You are the inciator, start gas ghost run fling adhesive and kill. After lvl 6 dont be afraid to use ultimate if u can sense kill or team mate needs help just turn it on and RUN to the enemy.

if u have good start ass tank, mid game i can usualy tank three enemies with no problem. Dont forget that with ultimate u can tower dive. If your team is pushing early then buy armor for 700 so u can tank towers. Then lead your team under they tower, get some hits from tower, let your dps team mates kill them. Early tower diving is the main reason i play tank singed more oftne then mage.

sry for my english, i really lost some skills since high school, need to make a summer trip to UK as soon as possible . (or maybe USA).

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I used to play Singed quite a bit. Maybe I can give you some advice?

First off, You probably don't want to go Guardian Angel with Singed.

RoA is Singed's best friend, get it ASAP. If you want to have a decent amount of AP, buy two or three. I've seen Singed with two RoA and Merc's... very hard to take down...

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Thank you very much Becher for your in-depth post im definitely going to try these tactics and also thank you Peanut I will try that as well.

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This is the way i build him...

regrowth pendent
blasting wand + boots 1
1)boots 3
3)Wardens mail
4)natures grasp
6)guardian angel

*With regrowth pendent you can just stay in our lane a long time, you don't really need mana unless you are throwing goo and tossing people alot. And hopefully if you are doing that you are getting kills which means you get to go back quicker and get your mana full
*Boots 3 for obvious reasons, if you don't like them though merc treads are good too.
*ROA is standard for every singed build
*Usually I then get the armor for wardens mail and the MR for Natures grasp. Just helpful to have both of those, before you build the whole item, give you alot of survivabilty
*I also suggest wardens mail, because if gives you health regen, which i think is helpful for singed at saying in his lane/ always being there for the team fight
*If you are doing really well early, I suggest getting a 2nd ROA right after the first, as helps you get kills and the amount of health you get from it, isn't far off from warmogs.
*With the combination of these items, you get alot of health regen which is important for the fact that when you get chased, your regen, while they die from poison. Also important because it lets you taunt the enemy team with the fear of a toss before a team fight happens, without their harassment making you go back to base.

Summoner spells: cleanse/ghost .. i don't see it any other way.

My record by the way is like 93W/45L so i am somewhat good with him. I play alot of other random characters though and lose(+30 in win/loss), so i am not top tier elo.
Things singed does well...
Pushes lanes
Aoe in team fights
Runners don't get away

How i play...
Laning is pretty standard, just make sure when you use poison, all you need to do is like 1-2 seconds of it to get all the creeps, it helps alot for conserving mana.

At Mid game, people will often times but sitting mid or not really doing much it seems to me(right around like level 10). This is when you need to be running between lanes killing all the creeps. I find this to be really helpful. It usually lets me get 1-2 levels up on everyone and alot more gold making me very tanky. And with the combination of ghost/cleanse/ult/boots3 you can usually get away from any gank attempt, unless they have multiple stuns and are more then 2 champions. (so try to not stay long, which u shouldn't have to because poison is like the ultimate farming tool)

TeamFights... You can initate, you tank well and while the fight is going on, you can be putting poison on everyone which is sooo underrated because it is a DOT people tend to not realize you are ticking for 100 dmg per second on a whole team.

Chase Runners after the team fight, goo + ghost + toss means they should die.(or at least you get 1 of them)

Hopefully with team fights, you can toss one before the fight starts, to make it 4v5

Overall I think he is awesome.

*Another thing, and it isn't actually a good strategy, but if you are able to get a Mejas and get some stack on it, you can be throwing people for like 600-700 dmg and poison be ticking 200+ per second, making you the most damaging/tanky person in the game.
more often then not it won't work though. I've done it a few times though, and you can get soo many kills.

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a few comments on previous posts...

As good as spirit visage is, I prefer Force of Nature. Force of nature gives you a bigger boost to hp regen, better Magic Resist, some more speed and more hp regen that increases with your life total instead of with your regen.
I don't think that Spirit Visage is bad, but I do think that Force of Nature is a better first choice.

In my opinion, merc treads vs. boots 3 defaults to merc treads with 2 exceptions.
1) if you take cleanse.
2) if your opponents have no good slow/stun abilities or summoner spells (you can check for this at the loading screen).

I typically go: teleport + ghost(upgraded)

starting item: regrowth pendant (used for Force of Nature later, good regen now)
1st item: Merc Treads
2nd item: Rod of Ages
3rd item: Force of Nature
4th item: Archangel's staff (I'm probably going to get lampooned for this one)

5th and 6th items depend on how I'm doing and what is needed: typical choices for me include:
Warmogs + spirit visage: hello 300+ hp regen per 5 seconds.
Abysal septer: MR is surprisingly good vs heavy magic teams and more AP to fling/poison harder.
Sunfire Cape: health, armor and passive dps ... why not?
Thornmail: good against attack-damage champs.

my reasoning for archangel's staff instead of another RoA is: nice mana regen, more mana up front with higher cap on the passive, slightly more AP and translating some of that mana pool I've been building into more AP. It's also nice to gain 1 hp/4 mp for using my goo, fling or ult. In the long run, I end up with about 700 less hp, but I hit a bit harder and the increased Magic Resist from Merc Treads and Force of Nature typically make up for my lower hp.

So far, the only champion I've found that can reliably catch/kill my Singed is Ashe because she can slow me with another arrow, before the merc treads get me out of her last arrow's slow. There are likely others who can reliably catch Singed, but I haven't noticed them.


As far as team-fights go, other posts in this thread have probably given better advice than I could.

Singed can run an entire lane killing all minions with poison and 1 fling for the cannon minions. This won't build up a nice big minion wave to take down towers on their own, but it can set up lane pushes. If I do this alone and no enemies come to gank me, I just kill the tower at the end of my run to give them more incentive to try and gank me next time. If they do send a champ or 3 to gank me, the rest of my team just gained a numbers advantage somewhere else.

Vs. towers I like to poison all the enemy minions. Taking 1-2 tower hits to do this isn't a problem if there are no enemy champs there. Once my minions are in range of the tower and getting attacked by it, I pop my ult and chew through the tower. If the tower is low and guarded, it's possible to focus the tower down and run before the champion guarding it can focus me down. I just have to make sure the guard doesn't get poisoned and my minions don't run out.

If I am running away, poison trail is on. I find it disturbing how many kills I've gotten on the champion(s) who were about to kill me. If you are trying to lose them in the jungle, turning it off at an intersection's probably your best bet.

In me vs 1+ enemies fights, a disturbingly effective tactic is simply to flee ... slowly. Even if I'm at full health, the natural instinct is to chase me. I just make sure not to use my ult or ghost, so that they can keep up. Once they realize what I'm doing, I turn around, fling them and start attacking more conventionally. If I start to feel like I'm actually in danger, I can pop my ult and/or ghost and flee for real.

Mid to late game, Poison Trail does better dps than normal attacks.

I've never tried it, but with Singed's ult, he could, in theory, make a surprisingly effective attack speed/damage champion. I don't recommend testing this in a normal game as general consensus says "don't do that build".

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1) Boots 3
2) Red Gem
3) Soulstealer
4) RoA (from Red Gem)
5) Force of Nature (optional but very good, increased MS and MR help a ton)
6) RoA
7) BVeil (definitely optional but usually a good option this late)

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well allways atart with visage, then sell it for force of naure if u lack MR. But visage + merc (no problem at lvl 6 ) gives u nice survability against nukes.
U dont benefit from Archangle because u have LONG CD on skills so ROA gives u more hp, and u dont need that bonus dmg your team mates have it.
Thornmail sux on tanks its a mage item. U dont have magic penatration so return dmg is quite low. Warden male orfrozen heart helps much more.

and never start with red game. Soulstealer is a good option if your team has one solid tank and one solid suport tank or durable fighter, but in that situation annie is much better for the team then singed. Another reason why not mejajah is that singed lack burst dmg so i dont see the reason for soulstealer, rather go with zhonya it gives you HP and nearly same amount of AP.

and basic tactic with any hero should be, build him to be valuable for your team.

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Ghost/teleport or cleanse

IMO, if you aren't building him with regrowth pendant you are doing it wrong.


Blue or Red gem (depending on lane) and boots 1 on first trip home.

Catayst --> Rod of Ages
Merc Treads
Soulstealer (if you are leveled and doing well)
Force of Nature

then depending on needs:

Rod of Ages for a game that seems long
Banshee's Veil for caster heavy
Warmog's for Stupid tankage
Lich Bane if you went the Soulstealer route

my alternate


Boots 3
Force of Nature


These builds work for me cause I can make Soulstealer go off. If you cant, change it up.