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im LF team/clan

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sup , i've bin playing LoL for quite a while, pretty experienced and im just bored of doing solo Q n wana hook up with some peeps to do AT im based in W.A so yeah gimi a yell

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the Death Bringers Clan currently recruiting! We are a multi-platform and cross-genre clan and are seeking to add some LoL players to our ranks.

What we can offer
- Experienced clan leadership
- large homepage w/ shoutbox
- large number of members (somewhere in the 300s or so)
- our own Vent server
- the option for competitive teams, should players of the clan wish to get together to do so
- for people that not only play LoL, we support Games such as Battlefield and Call of Duty, having our own servers for the latter

What we expect
- no skill requirements, playing with a clan team brings improvement by itself
- maturity, not as in age but in not flaming the whole opposition or similar
- other than that just being someone who wants to have fun in a healthy community of like-minded players,
and for the competitive, the drive to represent the clan well

Our homepage:

Should you have any other questions, feel free to contact me here; on the EU LoL forums under Tr3nchGGun (same goes for ingame); or on the US LoL forums under ScoPatrol

Hope to see you join our ranks!