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[Champion Suggestion] Centaur

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I haven't thought much about the details yet but i'd wanna see a centaur champ with a bow.
It would be fast moving and attacking but with low health.

HP: Low
DMG: High
AP: Medium

The first skill i thought about was somesort of fire arrow.
It would be like Ashe's frost arrows but instead of a slow it would give damge per second like incinerate spell.

The second would be a targetted explosive arrow that deals AoE damage.

The third skill i came up with is a back kick. When you are being chased or just when you have your back turned towards an enemy, you can use this skill to give high damge and knock the enemys back.

I wasn't really shure abut an ultimate yet so maybe somesort of IAS and movement boost as ulti

Plz send some feedback and your ideas for this champ ofc.