Trouble with Alistar.

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I read Dapacman's guide.

My issue is really that with all that CD, you're trying to pulverize every 8 seconds (I guess). But, first, Ali has mana issues and second, without Flash up, Ali can't really expect to initiate. So, you only need your skills up every 240 seconds unless you're using them to farm but even without CD, you can get pulverize up for each wave with no problems. And unless you're in really low ELO games, team fights/ganks don't happen every 240 seconds. In fact, good players don't let ganks happen period.

So the only thing you're doing is healing (for push?). I've tried CD builds, I just don't feel like I'm doing enough with the CD I spent all my money on. Tank items and DPS (for farming only) helps me the most.