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Jarvan setup

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I'm having some trouble finding the jarvan build/items/runes/setup that seems to work the best for me and I was hoping for some help. Here is was I currently run.

Armor pen reds/quints
MP5 blues/yellows

Mercury's Treads
Chain mail
Negatron cloak
Black Cleaver
Then finish defensive items

This has been working decently for me and with all that armor pen I get close to dealing true damage but I am always looking for ways to improve. I have been trying to find a way to not take MP5 blues and yellows and possibly take flat armor and magic resist per level instead. However I need to find an MP5 item that would be worth it

1)Tear of goddess seems good because it can build into manaune but is also the most expensive option.
2)An early catalyst would probally fix my mana issues and I usally make a BV later game anyway
3)What about a philostone?
4)Some other option I am missing?