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Nunu guide-jungle/tank/ap build

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Finished build

Force of Nature
Zhora's Hourglass
Mobility Boots
Void Staff
Rylies Staff
Guardian's Angel

You'll get tons of defense, never die, and be able to gank like a fiend, doing tons of damage and keeping them from gettign away.

Early Game:
Get his Q first. (for Jungling)
Grab a Regen Rune (start of Force of Nature), and a health potion.

Go to the place where two golems spawn in the jungle.
When they spawn, start hitting till you use some health, then use q to get health back, and kill first 1, then use health potion to keep your health up, and kill other with q.
Run to the 4 ghost things in the jungle, and use q on the dark one, then kill the others if you still have enough health, you should be level 2 by now, get ice shot( e). Go find the wolves and take them out. Now head back to the solo lane. This should be repeated a few times. Make sure to try and gank with ice shot (e) whenever you come back.

Mid Game:

Now that you are at least level 6 or 7, you'll want to saty out of the jungle more. Helping push. by now you should be close to getting your force of nature, and will start to build for boots, or hourglass. Now that you have more defense, you can stay in the lane longer, adn take some damage, while dealing back with ranged ice attacks. Try to pull a stealth grass ulti on someone near by in the lane. they hate that lol. Also Ganking should now be a secondary priority. Try and gank with ulti, or slow them with ice to help others get the kill.

Late Game: Now you should have the following.

Force of nature
Boots of Mobility
Zhora's Hourglass.
Void Staff

You'll be ganking pretty regularly with your speed, and power. Rylies staff and Guardians Angel should come to keep you killing, and staying alive to push lane longer, and have extra defense. At the end you will be owning.

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Senior Member


I'm not really a big Nunu player, but I feel like the biggest criticism most people will find with your build is that it lacks a Banshee's Veil. Without one, you'll have a hard time getting people to focus any of their CC on you in teamfights. You need the passive so that it takes two of the enemy's hard CCs to stop you from dropping an ult and wrecking their entire team. Right now, you can soak up plenty of damage, and that's cool, but after your ult is up, you still won't be doing very significant damage just by spamming snowballs. You'd probably do more effective damage by making them waste two disables stopping your ult than you would by hitting them with E.

I could be wrong, though. I don't really play Nunu too much, but I've found Banshee's to be pretty essential.

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Something Snazzy

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Yeah, Banshee's is an absolute necessity on Nunu. Nunu is, above all, a support off tank. W makes your Ashe do insane damage, you can chain slow someone with a 40% slow AND his ult is one of the most effective ults in the game at zoning, splitting up teams, soaking up CC and removing the Olafs from your Ashes.

Without Banshee's, their Blitz, Amumu, Alistar, etc will just save CC until you ult. With Banshee's, everyone will flip out and run away or change their focus to you and throw 3-4 CC at you. This will save your team countless times.

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Yeah, not having BV is kinda weird. Ryali's is a waste on Nunu; the spells that proc it already have slows attached to them; so you're overpaying for HP and AP.

As far as writing a guide goes, check out some of the other guides before writing one- you don't cover much in the way of tactics, beyond a simple phases of the game.