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Vladamir Build?

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Looking to main Vlad. Tips on my build?

- Sorc Shoes
- Haunting Guise / Spirit Visage <<--- I don't know which one is better.
- Rylais
- Will of the Ancients
- Deathcap
- Situational Slot

When I become comfortable, perhaps I'll throw in a Leviathan or Soulstealer

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Always Worth It



Your boots - with Vlad, I really love picking up the Ionian boots for the cooldown reduc. Keeps transfuse around 1.8sec after level 9.
Your guise/visage - These can be decent with vlad, but I like to pick up items with a lot more punch AP wise because they also provide nice health boosts

I like to build:
Ionian Boots
Rylai's (a must have really, since Vlad has very little cc but spammable abilities)
Will of the Ancients (spell vamp is insane with Vlad, especially on his pool during 1v1s or teamfights)
Void staff/Abyssal Scepter (go scepter if the other team has lots of magic abilities and cc, otherwise take the void staff to hit tanks at 65%+ magic pen with runes and masteries)
-And the last item is discretionary for me. It may be anything from a Sunfire to a Lich bane, depending on how the other team's building. Often it ends up being an early game Mejai's because I tend to get fed.

For runes, I like to go:
Marks - Magic pen, of course
Seals - Usually flat HP or magic resist
Glyphs - I like cooldown reduc here. The 6% is really nice on his longer abilites - a second off the pool time or 6-7 seconds off his ult can be the difference between winning and losing
Quints - Flat HP. Great for the early game harasses

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Haven't tried spell. vamp yet since it's buffed, but I used to go pure AP with vlad.

Amp Tome -> Sorc/Mejai's -> Rylai's -> Deathcap -> Hourglass. Then situational defensive items