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[Champion Suggestion] Oculus The Blind Poet

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Oculus - The Blind Poet

Background: What time period he's from, no one knows. Many Yordles, as well as the people of Noxus, speculate that he is a traveler of time. Coming from both the past and the future. The man named Oculus had his eyes slashed out during his childhood years, or so his poems state. He developed a love of poetry, even though he could not see the words he wrote. Upon the death of his parents, he locked himself away in a cave. Some say from there he traveled time with his poetry, and others say he was thrown into the Void. Whatever the reason, Oculus lost most of his sanity in the time spent "traveling". Wanting to be able to see the world, he joined the League of Legends. Hoping to find himself a way to relieve him from the torture of being blind. Now he's often in his room, dabbling in poetry and ranting about darkness and numbers...

"When you hear the words of an insane man, your life truly changes..."

Oculus is of an average height, shoulder length,gray-blue, wild-like hair covers the sides of his face. He wears a black wrapping around his eyes, and he always has an unsettling smirk. He wears a long red priest-like robe, covered in symbols that resemble eyes. Upon nearing the bottom the robe becomes wrapped in a white metal-like substance. His jeans are a torn up white and he wears dark red boots. The neck of his robe seems stitched all the way down, through the middle, to his waist. In his left hand he holds a sharp, rough looking feather pen. On top of his head is a red beret, with a white feather sticking out of the side, and a huge eye in the middle.

Normal Attack: He throws feather pens at the enemy like darts

Voice (his voice changes tones in mid sentence, very unstable and jittery)
Movement 1: I'll follow your lead Summoner.
Movement 2: My words guide me...
Taunt: (while waving a finger in the direction he's facing) Your mind is too tainted to understand me.
Joke 1: I've never understood Clairvoyance, it doesn't show anything on the mini-map...
Joke 2:...Wait there's a mini-map?!

Passive: Insanity - Due to his unstable mind, Oculus' Magic Resistance and Magic Penetration raises by an amount based on his ability power. (more-so his resistance the penetration.)

Q: Mind Scramble - 60/70/80/90/100 Mana - "Only the insane truly understand Oculus' rants, everyone else becomes the insane..." Oculus reads his poetry and ranting in a cone-shape radius (about half of Ashe's W) dealing 50/100/150/200/250 (+.8/AP) and reducing all affected enemies' Magic Resistance by 20 for 7 seconds (does not stack) CD: 14 seconds

W: Sorrowful Speaking (toggle)-25 Mana/Second - "Oculus reads poems of his sorrow, causing despair in the enemy." An AoE circle surrounding Oculus (much like Karthus' E) any/all enemies trapped in this circle are slowed down by 20/25/30/35/40% (+.025%/AP) and slows the cooldown of enemy abilities by half the amount. If Oculus is moving, the effects are halved. CD:Toggle

E: Hidden Tongue - 80/90/100/110/120 Mana - "Oculus knows many hidden languages, some of which should never be heard by any being." Oculus stuns his opponent for 2 seconds and reduces their Magic Resistance and Armor by 30. During this time, Oculus may not take any action without breaking the stun. CD:17 seconds

R: Omniscience - 200 Mana - "Oculus removes his eye wrappings, causing his true insanity to be projected into the enemies' minds." All enemies in a large cone-shape radius suffer from a blind (lasting 10 seconds) and take 45/60/75(+.5/AP) damage a second for 5 seconds. CD:125 seconds

Health: 310(+43/lvl) (1084 at level 18)
Health Regen: Low (not sure what the number should be)
Mana: 250(+75/lvl) (1600 at level 18)
Mana Regen: Medium-High (again, not sure)
Movement Speed: 305
Attack: 30 (+5/lvl)
Attack Range: (same as Ryze)
Attack Speed: ~0.500
Armor: 15
M.Resist: 57
AP: (are there any champions that start out with AP?)

I designed this guy with the mind of him being a major Support and Caster type character. Sort of like Morgana. With AP he does a lot of damage, but his main focus is to support a champion he's laning with by slowing down and stunning enemies. I thought that adding a drawback to his stun would make him more interesting to play and give him a reason to have a slow as well.