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[Champion] Arkay - The Monstrosity

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Appearance: A yellowish and semi-cylindrical blob. at one end he has extremely short stubby feet, at the other he has large deformed eyes and a mouth full of teeth. Three curved talon-like appendages line his sides, vaguely resembling bug's legs.

The spells for summoning a champion from a far away plane are regarded as the most elaborate and dangerous spells employed by the summoners. There has only been one incident, wherein a novice summoner attempted these spells without approval from the Council. Whether or not the novice intended to summon a ferocious abomination from an unknown plane is uncertain. He of course quickly lost control of the creature he summoned, and was torn to shreds. It was the opinion of most of the council that the creature now known as Arkay should be returned from whence it came, lest it cause more damage. Unfortunately, the novice left no clue as to where he obtained the creature, making its return impossible. Arkay now fights in the League of Legends, at the command of only the League's bravest summoners.

Passive) Relentlessness Arkay's basic attacks reduce his cooldowns by 1 second divided by the target's current health percentage

Q) Scuttle - Arkay charges forward with deceptive speed towards the target destination. If Arkay collides with an enemy Champion, he will crash into them dealing X damage. If there is another champion nearby, Arkay will knock his first target away (in the opposite direction of the 2nd champion) and charge towards the second. If he collides with a champion after 1st, he will also deal X damage to them. Additionally, Arkay will trample any minions in his path, damaging them but not slowing or stopping.

W) Thrash - Arkay savagely strikes out at anything near him. Enemies in front of Arkay take X damage and suffer Infected Bite, dealing Y damage over 5 seconds and lowering their attack speed by Z% (a significant %). Any enemies to Arkay's sides also take X damage and suffer Infected Scratches, dealing Y damage over 5 seconds and lowering movement speed by Z%

E) Spine Shot - Spines will appear along Arkay's back and be fired into the air. After 1sec they will fall upon the target destination, (landing in expanding concentric circles) Any enemy hit suffers X damage, and the spines will also tear open any infected wounds, adding 2 seconds to the duration of Infected Bits and Infected Scratches.

R) Drrroooooo!!! - "If you think Arkay is frightening normally, you have not seen him while he is cornered" Only usable while Arkay is at 40% hp or lower. Arkay screeches in rage, causing all nearby enemies to flee in terror for 1second. Additionally, arkay becomes enraged for 10 seconds. Increasing his damage dealt by 1% per 2% health he is missing, and also granting him 1% lifesteal on all damage he deals to champions per 1% health he is missing. These amounts update as Arkay's health changes.

+1 if you figure out where the inspiration for him came from ^.^

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*reverts to arkay*