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Hello. I have created a guide that I am hoping will improve the general level of familiarity of League of Legends. Here is a brief outline of what it covers and it is completely free as a PDF file at my website Please respond with how you feel after reading it. Thank you.

How to be a good player at League of Legends

Table of Contents:

-First blood
-Protecting your Jungle
-Warding their jungle
-Which items to select

-Last hitting the minions
- Map awareness
-Poking & Striking
-Patience & Conservation

Ganking & Roaming
-How to gank effectively and when to do so
-Timing their jungle
-Getting kills & XP while roaming

Team Fights
-Crowd control

-How to “safe” jungle
-When to gank lanes
-Item builds & Potions

Baron & Dragon
-How to always score Dragon & Baron
-Where to ward / which ward to use

Table of Contents: Continued

Ranked Selections & Bans

-Counter picks
-Team composition
-What bans are good?

Summoner Spells & Champion Abilities

-Which summoner spells should I take?
- Really, How viable is rally?
-Champion abilities to look out for

Masteries & Rune pages

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