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Warwick - Jungling Off - Tank

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I've seen so many warwicks being played wrong lately, and I thought I'd share my build and thoughts on Warwick.

1. Warwick is not a carry.
Don't build Warwick like a carry, you'll die halfway through your ultimate. He has no escape ability compared to other melee carries such as Master Yi (Usain Bolt ultimate) or Tryndamere (Spin + Immortal).

2. Warwick is NOT a laner.
Sure he does fine as a laner, but he's such a powerful jungler/counter-jungler and ganker, do you really want to take the wolf out of his natural environment?

3. Take Smite
For obvious reasons (you jungle faster, prevents others from stealing your buffs ,etc etc)

4. Do not initiate team fights
Your only initiating skill is your R. It's also your most damaging skill and a channel. This means your channel can be broken by a stun/silence/knockup/suppression/taunt. You save your ult for the carry, after all the CC's have been thrownup. Treat your ultimate like you would Nunu's.

My build is: Boots + 3 HPots -> Madred's Razors -> Treads -> Bloodrazor -> Spirit Visage (optional, can be switched out a Banshees/Thornmail) -> Sunfire -> GA -> FoN. These items make you very bulky and with your natural lifesteal + hungering strike, you'll be in the fight forever.

Innate - Eternal Thirst (Each of Warwick's attacks heal him for 6/12/18 health, stacks up to three times. Upgrades at 7 & 13) - This is why Warwick is one of the best jungler's in the game. Grants you passive lifesteal.

Q - Hungering Strike (Strikes an enemy for a greater value between 75/125/175/225/275(+100% of AP) and 20% of their maximum health, can only do flat damage to minions/monsters) - Your last hitting skill. Warwick needs kills to be effective, especially since you're rushing one of the most expensive items in the game. Maxed first for easier jungling.
W - Hunter's Call (Increases all nearby allied champions attack speed by 40/50/60/70/80%) - Great for early game jungling and triggering your passive. Also gives your range carries a giant boost of attack speed late game. One point early game will do.

E - Blood Scent (Warwick sense nearby enemy champions under 50% life within - 1500/2300/3100/3900/4700 distance of him. Upon sensing and enemy he gains 20/25/30/35/40 movement speed). Your chasing skill/early game gap closer. Can almost always ensure an ace if your team has won the fight (and you're alive too).

R - Infinite Duress (Warwick lunges at an enemy champion, supressing them for 1.7 seconds. During this time Warwick strikes his target quickly for 33% of his AD + 40/60/80. Warwick also gains 30% lifesteal during this period, applies on-hit effects). - One of the best single target ults in the game. It has a nice range too so it makes chasing much more easier. This skill can also be used to Tower Dive, thanks to the additional 30% lifesteal he gains. If you're in a 1v1, don't pop this as your first skill. You're one of the best 1v1 champs in the game, so wait till they're about to run before popping it. If you're low on hp however, you can use this to heal up.

Skilling order: 1. Hunter's Call (W) 2. Hungering Strike (Q) 3. Hungering Strike (Q) 4. Blood Scent (E) 5. Hungering Strike (Q) 6. Ult (duh).

From there on it's Ult -> Q -> E -> W

For summoner spells you take Exhaust + Smite.

Masteries - 4-16-10. These aren't that important as long as you get the 5% exp and the neutral monsters buff duration increase.

Runes - Attack speed Quints & Reds, Armor Seals, Magic Resist Glyphs. You'll get +25% attack speed, +13 armor, +13 magic resist.

Your jungle route is: Wraiths -> Wolves -> Blue -> Back to Wraiths -> Red -> DBL Golems -> Gank.

Ganking Pre-6: You have no gap closer, but since most people don't have boots yet you have a large movement speed difference. Make sure you are ganking top lane, since they're the solo lane. You wait till the push far enough for you to run behind them and then you run in, Exhaust + Q + Hunter's Call. Make sure if you're waiting in the bushes to turn off Blood Scent. If it's on and the enemy's below 50% they'll be alerted of your presence and it'll ruin your gank. Watch out for the three second internal cool down (when you turn it off).

Ganking After 6: It's so much easier to gank now, just let them push a reasonable distance from their turret, then run in Ult -> Exhaust -> Q -> Hunter's call.

Do NOT gank without red. You lack CC, especially before level 6 so this is absolutely necessary to ensure you have a successful gank.

Why not armor pen runes or magic pen: Attack speed helps you trigger your passive more and because your not going to be another Master Yi, Armor Pen is useless. Magic Pen works too, but I feel your jungling is so much quicker with attack speed.

Why Boots and not the traditional jungle setup: You're probably the best jungler in the game, with your Q and passive healing you non-stop. You lack a Gap closer though and that's your main weakness when ganking pre-6. By getting boots, you can forgo summoner Ghost and take exhaust and most of the time it will guarantee a kill thanks to the slow from your Red buff and Exhaust. Also you can get around the jungle faster which means more $, exp and counter jungling!

Why don't you max W instead of E first: Warwick is not an auto attacker. Most people know they can't 1v1 Warwick and will try to run, so the bonus attack speed is useless, except for the large boost early game which helps when jungling. Your main source of damage is your ultimate, then you spam Q while TRYING to auto attack them. You'll get a few hits in, but you won't be able to auto attack them non-stop. Also your E skill let's you chase down those pesky 40 hp luck-ers.

EDIT: Didn't follow the forum guidelines, sorry about that.