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Mordekaiser Feedback - Thoughts and Opinions

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In this thread I plan to put my two cents in about Mordekaiser, the Master of Metal.

First off, good job Riot. Mordekaiser is an original concept, and keeps with the humor/mood of LoL very well. Also, further kudos to you for the pace of new champions coming out.

Secondly, I will answer the common question of any new hero: Is Mordekaiser OP ?

- I say NO. Mordekaiser is currently balanced, although he could use some tweaks (my opinion, of course).

Why do I think this? I think he is balanced because he has no snares, slows, stuns, debuffs, or mini-stuns (knock-ups). These things are what balances his great farming ability, awesome tanking capacity, and overall how well he can do from the beginning to the end of matches.

Tweaks I think should be made/considered: I think that MK's Ultimate ability just isn't 'him'. The only other champion to have a pet/summon ability is Shaco, which is fine, but I think saving this ultimate for another future champion would be a better decision (possibly one that entirely revolves around summons/pets).

If his ult were to stay, then I think it could definitely use some changing. As many others have said, it's far too weak, and does not scale well with AP builds. I think the reasoning behind this is that it does too much. It's a DoT, it creates a pet, and it leeches health. If, let's say, the health leech was removed, then I think that could be compensated by more damage, or better AP scaling.

Unfortunately, I have not thought out a replacement for his current ultimate, but I'm sure something better and just overall more fitting could be decided on.

Feel free to post your comments/opinions as well, especially if you agree with what I think or have similar suggestions.