[GUIDE] Nunu, the Yeti on Fire

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Originally Posted by Shillen View Post
I don't get it. I try to kill the first lizard camp with just smite and cloth armor and I fail every time. I open with smite, wait till I'm 100 hp down and consume. And then it's all auto-attacking from there and I lose. If I'm really lucky I'll kill the main lizard right as I die to the adds but usually I don't even kill the big guy.

What am I doing wrong?
I'm not sure.

I just tried it with no runes and the masteries listed, and I killed the big lizard with 200 hp left, and then killed the smaller lizards. I had bought some health pots, but I forgot to pop them, so without runes it should be more than doable, especially if you pop a health pot right away.

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Ah, I wasn't using his mastery spec. I have a heavy utility spec that I use all the time, don't like switching for each hero. But I guess I have to if I want to jungle effectively with Nunu. Didn't think mastery would make that big of a difference.

edit: Yeah the mastery worked, although I still only had 100hp left after clearing the camp which made it impossible to take the next camps without health potions. But health potions are cheap so no problem.