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[GUIDE] Nunu, the Yeti on Fire

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Nunu, the Yeti on Fire

An Introduction

After playing through all the matches I have on League of Legends, I found that one champion I had never touched was Nunu. I had seen him in games and knew what he could do and I had wanted to play him, but I was unsure how. One of Nunu's strengths is that he is a capable jungler, and this aids not only yourself, but your team. The only problem was I was unsure how to jungle effectively, so I came to the guides forum to find answers. Only, the answers I found did not build him to be effective late game, at least not to me.

So I began working on my own build...which I will now present to you.

The item build of this guide will build Nunu as a tank. With tank items to jungle. No caster items, simply tank items.


Q, Consume
This is one of your main abilities that makes jungling so easy and effective on Nunu. It provides almost as much damage as smite early game, and restores health.

E, Blood Boil
Blood Boil is an amazing ability that helps to keep Nunu viable to your team all game. The speed boost is incredible for trying to catch up to an opponent to to hit them with an Ice Blast when used on yourself, or even on an ally for them to catch and stun, but even more so on a carry with a huge amount of damage for the attack speed bonus.

W, Ice Blast
This. This is what makes Nunu so amazing and so annoying. Lower levels Ice Blast is pretty much spammable and has such a low cooldown it allows for you to set up great ganks, while it also allows you to jungle effectively.

R, Absolute Zero
Possibly one of the strongest spells in the game, doing starting at 500 damage for a full channel and ending at 1000 for a full channel. The only problem is getting it off, but more times than not its amazing just for its AoE slow.


I will give you options with this guide. I will lay down the guidelines of this guide for early jungling and skill build, along with items, but not every game flows the exact same way, which is why I will present you with said options.



For the sake of building this guide and trying to account for all rune pages, I did the early jungling with absolutely no runes to see if it was possible. I succeeded in clearing the first 4 camps without death.

So if you can do it with no runes, what runes should you do it with? I suggest Vitality runes(hp per level).

The newly added quintessence of wisdom(+2% exp) runes are also quite appealing. Jungling is effective to stay the same level as soloers, and this would only boost you.


1/1 Plentiful Bounty
3/3 Deadliness
4/4 Alacrity
1/4 Sorcery
3/3 Sunder
2/2 Offensive Mastery
3/3 Brute Force
3/3 Lethality
1/1 Havoc

1/3 Good Hands
3/3 Perseverance
4/4 Awareness
1/1 Greed

Summoner Spells

[REQUIRED]Smite - Obviously, we will take smite. This is the only summoner skill that is required. Smite does an amazing amount of damage to creeps throughout the game and makes jungling possible. The bonus gold from improved smite doesn't hurt either.

Teleport - Personally, I always take teleport on any hero, especially Nunu. Being able to get anywhere on the map every 2 minutes is amazing. Especially since you are not glued to a lane, no one expects you to pop out during a fight early on, though most of the time you can run to it. I'm mainly talking about when an ally is messing around with someone on top lane, and you are on bottom, but the enemy doesn't notice that you are teleporting directly to a minion next to them, and you get out and Ice Blast them down while chasing. Not to mention late game being able to get to enemy base is invaluable.

Cleanse - Removes debuffs, its nice, but nothing too great on Nunu. Most of the time outside of team fights later on in the game you will get away because of Blood Boil, and it doesn't help to keep you from getting interrupted when casting your ult.

Heal - A nice gesture, especially for jungling, but we can get by without it! Of course it'd be nice in team fights, but the item build in this guide provides for a lot of survivability without it.

Rally - I would second this to Teleport as your second summoner skill, just because its a huge help with jungling if you aren't doing to well(THOUGH YOU SHOULD BE!!) Not to mention later on it is invaluable during team fights or pushes.

Knowing our Jungle.

The order of the camps we will go to is numbered 1 through 5, for each side.
1. Elder Lizard and 2 Lizards.
2. Wolf/Golem Packs
3. Wolf/Golem Packs
4. Wraith Packs
5. Elder Golem and 2 Lizards.


Ability Progression

1. Consume
2. Ice Blast
3. Consume
4. Ice Blast
5. Ice Blast
This is where I present you with options based on how your game is going. If you feel you are going to get into a team fight, I would level Absolute Zero for 6, otherwise I would level Blood Boil at 6 and worry about Absolute Zero at 8.
7. Ice Blast
8. Blood Boil/Absolute Zero(depending on which you picked.)
9. Ice Blast
10. Blood Boil
11. Absolute Zero
12. Blood Boil
13. Blood Boil
14. Blood Boil
15. Consume
16. Absolute Zero
17. Consume
18. Consume

Early Game


Buy - Cloth Armor
(If you have no hp runes, I suggest buying a health pot or two, though this will set you back a minute or so gold wise, but that is ok.)

Head over spot 1 in our Jungle, the Lizard, and we will now wait for it to spawn. Once it spawns, begin attacking it. Do not use consume until you have lost 100 hp, as the HP restoration is wasted. I also like to blow my smite right away, so I know I'm getting the kill ASAP to save HP. Once dead, kill the little lizards. If you bought a health pot now would be a good time to use it.

From here we head to spot 2. If you are lucky this will be wolves, if its golems don't worry. Your consume should be almost up from cooldown, if you want to wait to engage with it, that is fine, otherwise begin wacking away on either golem or the big wolf. Use consume as soon as it is up. If you aren't level 2 from lizard(no exp rune or zilean), then your first kill should get you to level 2, level up Ice Blast immediately and begin blasting away.

From here we go to camp 3. This can be wolves or golems as well. You may wait for your consume, or go in ice blasting, mana may become an issue at this moment, so conserve enough for consume. DO NOT USE YOUR SMITE.

Now to camp 4, the wraiths. We saved our smite for the big one. Wraiths drain life so they are a nuisance. If your consume is up go ahead and use it one of the smaller ones after you smite the big one, then ice blast the others down.

You should have a little over 630 gold, depending on if you bought the health pot or not, or how long you took.

From here you have two options, you can go to camp 3 in the other jungle if you are feeling brave, or you can blue pill back to base and wait for 700 gold.

At 700 gold we are going to buy a.......Chain Vest! That's right. You probably thought I was going to say a Madred's Razor. Yes it helps jungling, but jungling is already easy enough and Madred's doesn't help you much late game.

So we have our Cloth Armor and Chain Vest, we are pretty tough now. Head to camp 5(Golems) and beat it just like you beat the lizard. Consume/Smite the golem, Ice blast it down, kill the little ones.

From here the world of jungling is your oyster. The camps on your side will have begun to respawn, you can get them, or you can go to the enemies side and jungle and if you keep enough hp/mana be around to catch one of them running back to base or help with a gank.


Alright. So we're jungling, and we're pretty much keeping even level. Ganking is fun, but its tough to do with no boots. Once you get around 350 you may want to blue pill and get some boots, and just teleport back to a creep close to jungle to get right back to it. Or you can just hold out.

As early as 5(depending on runes), you are capable of soloing dragon if smite/consume is up and you start with full hp/mana, it gets a bit easier around 7. Do dragon everytime it is up and you can.

One thing is sure though, Ice Blast is amazing for ganking. Ask your teammates if anyone needs a gank, and figure out the best way to get behind them to gank, they won't get away unless they flash when you have Ice Blast on them, especially if you have a teammate helping you out.

Absolute Zero is also amazing for ganking, especially if there is more than one, simply run right up to someone(hopefully they dont have a stun), cast it, and if at any time they are about to get out and you simply move and it will do partial damage and you mow them down with Ice Blast.

IMPORTANTAll these spells cost a lot of mana though, and our passive is only up so much. That is where golem buff comes in. Golem buff is invaluable, especially since this item build doesn't offer any bonus mana or regen. Always get the golem buff everytime it is up.

After you get your boots, you can either upgrade them to boots of swiftness, or save for a giant's belt depending on how much you love movement speed.

Continue throughout your mid-game jungling and ganking, you're also great at defending lanes just because everyone is scared of getting left behind because of Ice Blast near a tower.

Our goal near the middle of the mid-game itemwise is to have a cloth armor, sunfire cape, and boots of swiftness.

Sunfire cape? Ohhh, thats why its the Yeti on Fire. Sunfire capes are amazing for any tank, and HP is pretty much the most valuable stat in the game right now.

Late Game On

Late game on you continue to perform just like in the mid-game, though as your levels will probably be higher than the enemy, laning is just as effective. Help in team fights, Ice Blast the stragglers, absolute zero the groups.

Item Build


Cloth Armor
Chain Vest
Boots of Speed
BOOTS OF SWIFTNESS or GIANT'S BELT - Your Choice, whichever you don't get first, get second.
Sunfire Cape

from here we go on our variants

Sunfire Cape
Sunfire Cape
Sunfire Cape

Honestly, this is an amazing build. Sunfire capes give so much health/armor and do so much damage, you just stay on people and they die, and it provides you with enough survivability to get a full ult off if no one interrupts. You can upgrade the cloth armor into an aegis or guardian's angel if you like, or sell it for more sunfire capes!

An additional note is that once you get around 4 sunfire capes and boots of swiftness, your HP/armor is going to ridiculously high, and it probably wouldn't hurt to get an Atma's for bonus damage. I'm a bit against this however since Most of Nunu's damage doesn't come from his auto-attack and I feel he is better just to continue getting the hp/armor or a guardian's angel.

That cloth armor can become one of two things for us, Guardian's Angel or Aegis of the Legion, both are amazing. If you don't want to mass sunfire capes, I suggest you get both, along with a Force of Nature, these will provide you with a lot of survivability as well as move speed.

Banshee's veil is also nice for either build, as it has a chance to stop a stun while casting your ult.

Ending notes:

Sorry if the guide is a bit messy, if you have any questions, please ask. I'll try to clean it up as I can and as suggestions are sent, or maybe this guide sucks, I don't know, let me know.

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Wow that was a really detailed guide I liked how you set up a picture and everything

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by sucks i mean wins

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Bridget FF

Senior Member


Excellent guide. I've never jungled before, so I gave this a try. I managed to keep up with every one else level-wise, and had tons more cash than I usually have when I play in the lanes. I had sunfire cape at around level 8, I believe. In lanes, I usually don't have SunFire cape until it's too late (level 13+) and everyone else has beat me financially. Ended with Warmog, 2x SunFire, and Boots of Swiftness. Had enough cash to BP back and purchase my third SunFire, but we were already on their temple. I ended the game with a score of around 10-0-7, I would say. :3

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It just works ...

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Junior Member


I would like to set a yeti on fire...

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The Council


caseyjones is a hero.

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This guide works a lot better when carried by Salce.

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caseyjones is a hero.

FU, after you ragequit this morning, he won that match by himself, not to mention that sparrow went afk a couple mins later. XD

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very effective, i ran 3 games with this build, total domination. Usually sat around 12/0/12 when the dust settled.