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Ok, I've been schooled on Mordekaiser

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I just didn't get it when I first started playing him. I played a good 20+ games and had a 7/3 win/loss ratio. I thought I had him and had many of the complaints that others have had about his damage output and AP ratios. Now, I still think his AP ratios/usefulness suck, but he is VERY playable when played for defense/survivability. Simply put, I read a guide on how to play this character and it set me straight.

Just like everyone else, I usually play to get a positive Kill/Win Ratio and don't consider the assists as true "kills". I have now played several really good games where we win because I became an unstoppable juggernaut of doom who gets a lot of assists and a good number of kills. The last game I played, a decent twitch ran from me from mid-game on.

Read the guide, he's right.


Thanks RIOT, this champion does indeed rock!