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Backdooring The best team strategy?

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ZO KidKaiser



muahaha. as far as im concerned. BD is a LEGIT TACTIC.
just try to prove me wrong on this. :P

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ITT: A guy can't admit to being wrong.

Backdooring is a legit strat. Anyone can do it, if your team doesnt have the proper champion(s) for doing this it is not the other teams fault, but further-more you will most likely excel with your team in a different area of combat.

Some people just can't stand having their weakness attacked and thye just want to sit and cry about it instead of adapting to the situation. If you work to strengthen up your weaknesses then BDing would not become such a problem. You will learn to recognize the situations that people get away with this on you and figure out what to do about it. Until then... if you want... you can stay here whining about it and arguging with everybody who disagrees with you. OR you can just get better at the game and quit embarassing yourself with empty arguements.

If Riot did not want this as a legit strat in their game they would not have left it in. It's a matter of map control and keeping your enemies contained. If you can't do this, then you have no business winning in the first place.

This is exactly how I feel.

I've lost games to backdooring, and now I know when to spot the tactic and rally some guys to stop it. Kill the backdooring champ, and be back to push one of their towers while they're a man down.

It's a perfectly legitimate tactic. Theres nothing I hate more than 5 champs circling a tower with 3 champs defending it... If you can't push the tower with 5, get someone on the move to another tower, or go get baron... even dragon.

Put down wards through jungle so you can see that twitch, or that yi charging to your towers. just stop crying.

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Junior Member


I think backdooring is a totally legit strategy. The problem with its decriers is that they stick to an imaginary code of ethics when it comes to pushing when there is absolutely none in all other aspects of the game. I would say that ganking is just as underhanded as backdooring, yet people somehow find the former acceptable and the latter not.

If backdooring was not officially allowed, then the game devs would have put measures to make it impossible to do. Since it is well within the realm of possibility in-game, then i think people should just learn to deal with it with strategy.


To all those that feel backdooring is cheap. Read this: http://www.sirlin.net/ptw-book/intermediates-guide.html

If you aren't playing to win every game by any means possible then why are you playing? LoL is a great amount of fun. Losing sucks, everyone hates it. Occasionally you have those epic games that even if you lose you still enjoyed it. But the point is no one plays to lose. You play to win, and if you restrict yourself in what tactics you use then you aren't playing to your full potential. If you plan on continuing to play LoL or any other competitive game I highly recommend that book.

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Besides, Backdooring, pending on the skill level of the teams, can either be the make or break of the game, or just another dead thing walking. As has been said, Map awareness will counter it easily. Teleport, and recall can counter it too, (Teleport being the better of the two) And remember, it will rarely occur more than once per game.