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[Champion Suggestion] Zartharof the Mindmaster

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Name: Zartharof the Mind master

Story: There is a place between dimensions, between worlds. To some it is known as the Outside, to others it is the Unknown. To most, however, it is called the Void. Zartharof is a creature that resided in the Void. Once the yordles figured out a way how to open up ways to different dimensions they got a nasty surprise. Zartharof has appeared inside the laboratory through an anomaly that the yordel’s machine has created. Zartharof killed all the scientists that were experimenting with the device and has escaped. Some say that he was a ruler of creatures in the Void because of his psychic abilities, others say he was a man that entered the Void and returned like this. Though Zartharof’s nature is not angry or vengeful but calm he’s decided to join the ranks between the Legends in its League and decided to enslave everyone there under his control.

Movement 1: You mindless trash.
Movement 2: I’m the one in control.
Taunt: You better eat some brain food before facing me.
Joke: Better be brain dead than dead.
Attack 1: You’re under my control.
Attack 2: Come to me.

Stats: X Health 369 (+80 / per level)
X Mana 325 (+63 / per level)
X Move Speed 310
X Armour 6.5 (+2.9 / per level)
X Spell Block 32 (+1.3 / per level)
X Critical Strike 1.8 (+0.35 / per level )
X Health Regeneration .79 (+0.21 / per level )
X Mana Regeneration .93 (+.28 / per level)
X Attack Speed 0.62 (+0.02 / per level)
X Attack Type Ranged (Range / 490 )
X Attack Damage 45 (+4 /per level)

Passive: When Zartharof’s health drops lower than 50% he starts to bleed and leaves a trail of blood that slows all enemies down.
Active 1 (Psyche Ray): unleashes a ray of his psyche in a cone that damages the enemy while pushing them backwards. 300 range.
Lvl 1- 60 mana / 90 damage (+.8)
Lvl 2- 68 mana / 110 damage (+.8)
Lvl 3- 76 mana / 130 damage (+.8)
Lvl 4- 84 mana / 150 damage (+.8)
Lvl 5- 100 mana / 200 damage (+.8)
Active 2 (Enslave a minion): Puts a control spell on a friendly or neutral unit making it his pet. 100 range.
Lvl 1- melee minion
lvl 2-ranged minion
lvl 3- ranged cannon minion
lvl 4- minor jungle enemies (wolf, wraith)
lvl 5- major jungle enemies (golem, tibbers)
Active 3 (Hypnosis): Hypnotizes and stuns a champion for an amount of time but when the champion wakes it’s health is fully restored. 400 range.
Lvl 1- 80 mana / 1 second
Lvl 2- 90 mana / 1.5 seconds
Lvl 3- 100 mana / 2 seconds
Lvl 4- 110 mana / 2.5 seconds
Lvl 5- 120 mana / 3 seconds
Active 4 (Body switch ): Zartharof meditates for 3 seconds and switches bodies with an enemy champion for an amount of time, he gains all their abilities and statistics, the other team does not know that they switched bodies, he can attack the opposing team and use abilities against them but the other person can not attack and can only scout, while in that form you are not targeted by any turrets, opposing nor friendly, other team can attack you and you can attack them, your team can attack the opposite Zartharof but they cannot attack back, once the timer is done the two champions return to their spots of original switch place. 700 range.

Tips: Playing as:
-Zartharof’s Psyche Ray is great for fleeing away. The Ray is also usable in team ganks that way the enemies will be more spread out.
-Hypnosis works when you want to go for a one hit k.o otherwise its good for stopping enemies.
-Stay in the bushes and when a champion comes close enough Body Switch with them and they’ll be disoriented.
Playing against:
-Psyche ray only pushes you back, use flash to quickly get back into play
-Hypnosis stuns for a long amount of time but replenishes health once you wake up, stay close to teammates or turrets to get free hp boost.
-If you are under Body Switch try to scout the other team as much as you can, remember you have shared vision with your team, you return to the place you first swapped so don’t worry about getting killed.