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Good Times with Alistar

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Silent Reaper

Senior Member


Zerker's will only give you 25% attack speed. You can get a better item with attack speed. I'd suggest another Boots of Swiftness. In case you lose the first pair.

You're Build is just as bad lol....

I Strongly Suggest this....

Meki Pendant ---> Chaice of Harmony
Mercury Boots
Glacial Shroud ----> Frozen Heart
Guardian Angel
Last Item -----> Warmogs Or Force of Nature Or ThornMail

If you still somehow have money left over get Lichbane..

This is an offensive / defensive build...
Masteries 9/0/21 or 0/21/9

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Senior Member


1) Guardian Angel
2) Warmogs
3) Thornmail
4) Warmogs
5) Force of Nature
6) Warmogs

Once you get your whole build you go into the enemy's base and type /dance and /taunt until your allies win the game. It's not like you can die. I mean if you accidentally walk into the Nexus turrets and their whole team uses all 5 ults on you, you might see this alleged respawn timer the other players talk about, but that's not likely.