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Skins-An issue and petition.

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Junior Member


I would like to start by saying that I love this game, I've had a lot of fun here and met some awesome people. When I first began playing I was intent on not spending a dime, but to date I've sunk about a hundred dollars into the game for two reasons.

I love alternative skins.


I want to support Riot (in whatever small way I can manage)

Well this topic isn't about complaining, whining or crying. I am also aware that several other topics like this exist, I am only making this topic for other people to sign. So if you agree with this topic I only ask that you sign here in some way, thank you.

The issue on skins for me at least is that there are not enough. I see Teemo, I am happy that he has Badger and Recon, (not counting no longer for sale skins like holiday ones). I see Mordekaiser and see he has two skins as well, they look great. Jax recently got his Vandal skin, an excellent one to! Twitch has Kingpin, etc and so forth. However I would like at the very least 1 non-limited edition, non-holiday skin per champion. I play several champions, such as the Cryophoenix and if not for the limited edition new skin I would not have an alternative for her at all.

So if you agree with this topic and support the idea for at least 1 always avalaible to buy skin for every champion, focusing first on champions with no skins, please sign this topic.

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the thing about skins is not how much they have...
skins should have an alternative animation or speech...

they feel like it's just a change of color
take master yi as an example...
i just stays black
nothing else

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xxGreat Saiyaman



I wouldnt care tho if they just changed a little color just 2 hours ago i posted something for Singed i said i wouldnt of cared if they changed his armor black gave it white outlining like the way his armor is now. its red with yellow outlining. and made his eyes green with a little haze coming out of them. I also put that they should make his poison trail black as well. It's just like Nidalee all of her skins are just a changed of colors aswell.