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LF Jarvan Help

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Ive recently bought Jarvan, and i love playing him and im working towards runes now, but i have no idea how to build him with items. The recommended items work, but i dont deal much damage and i get barely any kills at all.

so pretty much, whats a good build for jarvan so hes still tanky and can dish out a good amount of damage?

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I actually use a very nonstandard build, that's not documented anywhere else on the site (to my knowledge), but it works very, very well for me. Here goes nothing...

Laning: 9/0/21 masteries (yeah, yeah, I know--bizarre)
Jungling: 8/21/1 masteries (improved ghost is a lifesaver, and you don't really need the 15% mpen THAT much)

ArP marks
Mana regen/level seals
Flat mana regen quints
CDR/level glyphs

Now, at this point most people are thinking "...wtf?"--and they're perfectly right to do so. I started out maining AP casters and supports. Since I learned Jarvan as my first real AD character, I adapted the playstyle of an AP harasser to his strengths. My usual playstyle is to use Jarvan's passive to last-hit, and use his abilities to harass enemies in the lane and/or escape ganks.

With that in mind, I always keep a "buffer" of around 100 mana--just enough to throw down an e->q combo for a guaranteed kill or an escape. The flat mana regen quints and utility masteries give you more than enough mana regen to consistently stay in your lane until level 6 or beyond, while the mana regen/level seals combined with all of the above ensure that you never run out of mana or have to buy a mana regen item, even lategame when you're using up a considerable amount of mana on your skills.

The CDR from your glyphs, offensive, and utility masteries ensures that you can max your CDR with only one item, and that you do not require a CDR item to keep your flag up at all times after level 9.

Doran's Shield (again, for that early lane staying power)
Merc Treads (at the first back--build components for the treads if you've had to b because of health)
If enemies are being very aggressive and you're getting harassed a lot, build Phage, then Zeal
If enemies are being overly aggressive but aren't targeting you, or you're dominating your lane, build Zeal, then Phage
Sheen->Trinity Force

Everything after here is situational. You want a significant amount of AD, but if enemies are targeting you (as they should be) you also need to live. If you're getting hurt easily, pick up a resistance item to counter the majority of the damage you're taking. If you're taking magic damage, a Force of Nature will give you the MR you need, plenty of health regen, and a significant speed boost to help you chase down enemies and escape. If you're taking physical damage, a Frozen Heart does wonders. If you're not taking much damage, it's time to progress to roflstomp territory. Below are a couple situational builds I've enjoyed (the merc treads/triforce are non-negotiable for any of these, however):

Banshee's Veil/Force of Nature
Frozen Heart (sold Doran's Shield)
Bloodthirster/Infinity Edge (IE if you don't need lifesteal to counter damage)

This build makes you a carry's bane. You're usually more mobile than the carry; plus with the BV and Frozen Heart you neuter their damage output--and with the bloodthirster, you heal whatever damage they may manage to inflict out of their own healthbar. The decent AD here in combination with tiamat and triforce ensures that your e->q->autoattack combination hits like an AoE freight train--and your ult does nearly the same. Enemy tanks won't be able to stop you due to your decent resistances and your ability to laugh at stuns--to say nothing of your ability to simply jump past them and start beating on the squishies. Your goal with this build is to make enemy carries and supports afraid to go anywhere near a teamfight for fear of you adding an excess of ventilation to their carcasses. Your initial burst damage to your intended target from a single e->q->auto combo should be well in excess of 1.2k. If you manage to pin multiple squishies, so much the better--guess what? Most of that damage is AoE! Lock a couple people in your ult and watch them all die...

Force of Nature
Last Whisper (build sooner if tanks stack armor)

The idea here is simple: make aggressive tank players afraid to initiate teamfights by virtue of the fact that they ARE GOING to die, and there is absolutely nothing they can do about it. Build health? bloodrazor eats their healthbar anyway. Build MR? You have significant AD and plenty of ArPen to murder them quickly. Build armor...? All I've got to say about that one is "poor tank." The percentage ArPen from Last Whisper, attack speed and magic damage from the bloodrazor, your E (passive and active), and your passive, all put together with a nice hefty initial damage boost from triforce. Ouch.

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thx for the post, ill be sure to give it a try, very helpful!

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I don't like the above post. I usually go 20-2ish with jarvan, and that is through my own tanky/dps build. Get a longsword to start with a potion. Get your CC reduction boots, then move on to brutalizer and phage. After that move up to Ghostblade and Frozen Mallet. Depending on the situation either get Atma's or some more tank equip. Trust me, your damage output and survivability will be intense.

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Sacull Kinslayer

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I build him as a tank and enjoy much success with it. And your DPS does not suffer that much by doing so. And with Jarvans amazing utility in his abilities and combo he is an outstanding tank.

0/21/9 or 0/15/15 (15/0/15 can work as well)

ArPen reds and Quints
Flat MP/5 yellows
MP/5 per level blues

(I use the extra MP/5 because I mow through the mana early game by harrassing. This is a personal thing and it may not work for others. But it works nicely for me. If not then use flat MR blues and/or Armor yeloows.)

Cloth Armor + 5 HP pots (or 3 HP pots and 1 Mana Pot)

Merc Treads
Wriggle's Lantern - trust me on this one. It allows you to farm SO fast. And adds armor.

next 2 items are interchangeable depending on what you need more:

Sunfire Cape
Force of Nature

and then

Randuins Omen or Banshee's Veil
Atma's Impaler

You could even use Hexdrinker if you so desired for your 5th item. Or get Warmogs if they are a well balanced team. Either way lots of survivability and good dps thanks to your abilities and your passive. And Atmas adds a nice thump to your tankiness.

Here is the guide I use as a tank. (http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/a-tanks-life-an-in-depth-look-at-tanking-with-jarvan-64686)