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my first game HUD feedback

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Okay so I just played my first game and here are things I like/dislike :

+ The shop is very instinctive ! We can buy complete receipes and all objects needed in one click : great !
- There should be a "gold sound" when we buy something, the first time I was wondering whether I had bought the object or not.
+ The list of recommanded items is just great! We won't have to leave or chair to show beginners what items they should buy !

- I didn't find how to go from QWERTY keyboard to AZERTY keyboard. Where are the controls management anyway ?

+- The minimap is fine and complete, (I love the fact it shows the path we take) but I dislike its place, since the game's axe is from bottom-left to top-right. This is secondary, we should be able to cope with that anyway.

+ The camera lock is sooooo good !! I missed it so much while playing dota !

- The health bar over our character is quite big. It often hides the action.
- The bar that appears top screen while targeting someone is very useful, but during my first encounter, I thought it was my health bar and I fled although I was going to kill the basterd ! Maybe the color should change so we know whether it's an ally or an enemy. I'd rather have MY health bar on top of the screen.

- The skills icons should be displayed with the same configuration as the default binded keys. I liked it in DotA (with custom keys) so we could faster identify which spells were cooling down, etc. Radial interfaces are more useful when using a pad, and pc games interfaces are more intuitive when linear (take a look at Diablo 3 interface !)

Of course, it's easier to remember the bad points, but the interface is very good and intuitive. Good work, keep it up !

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- The health bar over our character is quite big. It often hides the action.

You are right, the bar often cover places where you want to move or enemies to aim.