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Nunu 22 Champs can now break his Ultimate

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Maybe you should not initiate with Nunu's ult in the middle of 5 enemies then? You can either use it as a great AoE slow with minimal damage but you are an amazing distraction, or you can get a BV then wait for most of the stuns/silences to get used on your tank and then you flash+ult in and get a penta kill. It's not a spell you should expect to hit every time, because if it did it would be incredibly OP.

and we have a winner. you should listen to fbsunny. fbsunny, very good observation, this sounds exactly what the op's problem is.

my suggestion is a little different.

BUY THE SASQUATCH NUNU SKIN AND CONFUSE PLAYERS AS TO WHO YOU ARE PLAYING. INITIATE BY FLASHING IN AND PENTAKILL. LATHER, RINSE, REPEAT, ALWAYS SOLO QUEUE. lose the game after you pentakill that way you never get a high elo rating, your always able to roflpwnnubcake.