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Would you like to play a unique champion such as Bubba in League of Legends?

YES 8 80%
no... 2 20%
Voters 10 .

[Champion Suggestion] Bubba - The Tractor Guy - LOL

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Bubba the Tractor Guy


  • Medium Health
  • Physical/Ability Power Champion
  • CC champion
  • Very mobile


A Yordle who wears a hard hat and drives a yellow bulldozer which has pipes built on the sides that point back which releases oil slicks, plus he bears a shotgun that hangs out the front of the cockpit.

About the Champion:

Bubba the Tractor Guy is a yordle industrialworker who has always wanted to participate in the League of Legends, but his bulldozer was all he had that made him strong. Until one day his brother Heimerdinger had made upgrades to his dozer out of pity. Now Bubba is a very effective champion because of his abilities of disrupting the coordination of his opposing team by very quickly spreading oil all over the ground behind him causing champions to slip and slide making it tough to chase someone down and while being the most mobile champion in the game he can also toss a target foe in the air plus cause significant damage by running over enemies.

Passive: Gittin er' done!
For every minute Bubba is alive he gains improved fuel, increasing his movement speed stacking up to maximum movement speed! He loses these stacks upon death.

His normal attack is done with his bulldozer slamming the target.

[Q] No Trespassin!
Bubba fires his trusty shotgun knocking the targeted champion back and dealing magic dmg.

[W] Oil Spill!
Bubba turns on his oil pipes releasing oil behind him trailing him wherever he goes causing anyone who runs over it to slip and slide making it difficult to chase someone down. AoE magic Effects cause the oil to light on fire making the oil also do damage to enemy champions who run over it. ( similar to singed poison gas in the way it trails him )

[E] Toss Em' Up!
Bubba uses his bulldozer to toss a target champion within range in the air dealing magic damage as they hit the ground.

[R] Road Rage!
Bubba goes on a road rage ignoring unit and champion collision running over anything in its path causing physical damage for each time he runs something over. Lasts 10 secs

Taunt: " Get off my Property!!!"

Note: I am not a fan of Larry "The Cable Guy" I just thought this would be an intersting yet funny character to play as with maybe a few changes to his mechanics and some given ability/physical power ratios.

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Sounds like a fun champ to play, I think his passive is a bit op though....something else would be more fun. Maybe if he gets increased movement speed everytime he kills an enemy champion or something like that. But looks fun.