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There aren’t many decent guides out there for post-patch Tryndamere. I’m not claiming to be the best Tryndamere, nor am I claiming this is the best or only build that works, this is just how I play him, as well as my tactics and build.

Note – This doesn’t always work against every enemy. Item Builds differ for different team comps, both yours and the opposing team.


Bloodlust– Whenever you crit or kill an enemy you get one stack. (You get 2 on the first)
Adds raw damage and crit damage per stack, you can also pop this ability as a heal per stack

Mocking Shout – Nerfs nearby enemy’s damage, doubles as a snare if they’re running.

Spinning Slash – Allows you to cleave minions and champions in a line, also used for chasing, evading or even “flashing” through some walls.

Undying Rage – Makes Tryn invulnerable to death for 6 seconds, also provides some bloodlust charges. Note that if you pop it at full life, you will still lose hps until you reach 1hp - try and time this ability around 15% (for most teams.)


My rune page is full of crit chance runes; giving me 20% from the page alone. I know this is a tremendous IP investment, so use what you can incorporating ArP, Crit Damage and Crit Chance. Dodge runes could prove useful as well as a few health quints. I suppose attack speed could be beneficial if you are out of the previous options.


I prefer 21 / 9 / 0 making sure to grab nimbleness, however 21 / 0 / 9 works too

Summoner Spells:

Ghost : I really like this spell on most champions, however I’ve recently been opting out of using it.

Exhaust : Been using this recently, proves to be an amazing addition to you’re already amazing slow (Mocking Shout)

Cleanse : An awesome addition to Tryndamere, especially against a team full of disablers.

Ignite : This is a fun spell early on, when players get out of your range you can still hit them with ignite, and they’ll continue to run away taking damage. It also proves useful later in the game as a “MS” (nerfs heals) effect on characters that heal a lot; especially Warwick.

Heal : Is obviously not an offensive ability at all, but if you’re getting used to Tryn’s playstyle it can be worth it to pick this up to pop with bloodlust after rage drops.

Laning – You can solo mid or lane with someone. Someone with a disable or a snare is ideal, but its not necessary for success.

Early Game: Train spinning slash first, buy boots and 3 health potions.
(With a full crit rune page and masteries, I start with 22% crit)
Run around in your lane juking skillshots and avoiding “no skill” abilities like Zilean’s bomb while you try and last hit minions. Don’t try and be too offensive towards the enemy champs unless you’re laned with a good harass or you’re successful harassing.

Harassing – run up and smack the enemy champ with your sword a few times and Spinning Slash away when they attack you.

1. Spinning slash
2. Bloodlust
3. Bloodlust
4. Mocking shout
5. Bloodlust
6. Undying rage
7. Bloodlust

Mid Game: You should have a decent amount of gold by now, so make your way back to base and upgrade to Berserker Boots, and if you have the gold buy two zeals, prioritizing brawlers gloves if you cant afford both yet.
Berserker’s Greaves
This will give you enough crit and attack speed as well as unmatched movement speed.
Head back to your lane, continue harassing and setting up kills, with Undying Rage you can play a bit more “reckless” (for lack of a better word).

8. Spinning Slash
9. Bloodlust
10. Spinning Slash
11. Undying Rage
12. Spinning Slash
13. Spinning Slash

Late Game:

Start building an Infinity’s Edge, prioritizing the BF Sword then the Cloak.
After infinity’s edge I build a bloodthirster. Followed by either GA or Last Whisper depending on the enemy comp.

Continue chopping people in half. When team fights occur, try and not be the first one in, let a tank go first, you wanna be in 2nd or 3rd to chop people. When you have to pop rage stay in a few seconds (unless exhausted) and continue to crit peoples faces off before clearing it.

14. Mocking Shout
15. Mocking Shout
16. Undying Rage
17. Mocking Shout
18. Mocking Shout

End Game:
If the game progresses this far, upgrade your Zeals into Phantom Dancers.

If its really drawn out this far:

Berzerker Boots
Phantom Dancer
Phantom Dancer
Infinity Edge
GA/Last Whisper

Any question, comments or critiques… Hollar

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Ok theres a few good builds for olaf.

Olaf is my main, generally most good builds u can own many enemies in an instance.

I'll start with Pure crit build its simple. 46% crit dam with a 21/9/0 (9 is for dodge to run faster)
Ghost + Exhust.
Items - Lifesteal cepter
Phantom dancer
Dodge boots
F Mallet
250% crit dam weapon.
40% armour pen atk speed bow
These are the main weapons the rest is up to what you need to coounter against.
Provides good dodge againts melee units and produces serious amounts of dam.
You get like..... 306% crit dam and with the extra dam skill olaf owns! anyone and nething as long as he doesnt get blinded or exhusted!
Ive had around 2.2atk speed , 36%dodge, 2k crits on minions with 2.5k health with this build. You can secure yourself a fair few triple kills some qudras and the odd pentakills with this build in no time.
THe only draw backs are you suck early-mid game and unleash hell late game if ur still in it. u can take turrets in under 5 secs on full health and solo baron. This build is most weak against fast AP casters which will kill u if u run into 2 or more that spam their ulties on u.

The other build is one i main with , its durable and is ownage early-mid-late game. The reason i use it is because its an all good rounder and a safe play!

Used as a jungler as well or side lane.


Heal- 1st Point. It's quite nifty for Olaf as his passive increases atk speed the lower his health. So with heal u can keep olaf nice and low with high atk speed and heal not to die. 2nd Point. Deception is a good skill to have in LOL for example, olaf has around 25% health and is laning by himself when a hero comes along and and thinks o ima kill olaf easy. The enemey engages olaf and in most instances with olaf what i do is atk with lifesteal and axe em and when health is low use ulti and ghost to chase with heal.... always also carry small red healing potions so u have constant healing with lifesteal...worse case is u use ulti with ghost if exhusted or blinded to get away.
The idea is never go out to far unless u can safly return home or if u get bad luck and get ganked by 5 and they deal mass damage ur stuffed ~_~".
3rd Point. Heal is good for taking out towers as ur atk speed is increased u can constantly replenish with a small red potion and last use heal when almost dead.
Ghost- 1st Point. Good to escape with ulti. Good for backdooring normally what i do is take out a tower if champion comes keep atacking tower untill it dies, use red potion, heal and ulti then take out champion , get away or die....either way normally u get one or 2 of those options.2nd Point. With olaf u can normally run up to any squishy and kill them with ghost and a chop of an axe but with ghost it means when they scatter from u like fish u can catch normally 2 squishys and kill em.

Blue -24 MR over 18 levs.
Yellow- 6.8% dodge.
Red- = 29Armour pen all up with quint.
Quint- =

Provides olaf with around 50% Armour and 50% Magic Resist late game which is what i think all heros should look at for durablity.

Dodge masteries

Guide- Jungle-
Get lifesteal skill first then axe then lifesteal , axe, LS,ulti, LS,axe, Reck. so on.
To start with u will need to buy lifesteal cepter. wait 10 secs after minions spawn for a red potion. Head to blue buff. Dont use lifesteal skill untill u lose 100 health, kill 2 small minions first when u reach less then half ur health use red potion. keep lifestealing on golem untill hes dead. worst situation u will get yourself into is you wont dodge enough so you will have to use heal.
You should have around 70-250 health go kill wolfs, then the 4 small minions , then the 2 smaller golems then head for the red buff. Kill the 2 smaller minions and every time u go to kill a bunch of minions use lifesteal skill then throw ur axe as u will gain heal from doing so. Something like a 80% chance u will need to use heal on red buff to kill it.
After that you can buy boots and health potions. This stage u should be lev 4 with both buffs. Go find a lane and gank it after uve raged and killed go get more buffs /items and re gank. always save ghost to gank with avoid ganking those that have exhust/flash. The best items i prefer to buy in order are....

Lifestealing cepter, dodge boots, Blood razor, 40% armour pen atk speed bow, F mallet and Phantom dancer. Interchange them if u have more AP enemies then physical damage dealers.

This build has been proven by me to be very affective and carry team many times over. an average game ill go around 9-15 kills. This build supports team quite well. The reason for so much MR and dodge is it gives u speed boosts and lets u withstands higher dam outputs so u can stay alive and get multiple kills.

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Comprehensive Guide for Taric, The Gem Knight:

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Short guide on jungling with nunu

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A brief Nunu guide I wrote. Just giving my opinions.

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Xin Zhao - The carries nightmare.


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For the love of Yordles, could you PLEASE update the flipping list? I'm seeing outdated guides in here from over half a year ago.

It's annoying to have such a wonderful resource and wealth of LoL-related information at my fingertips only to discover it's obsolete and worthless... >=/

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He has been updating, just not very often.

Here is one I would like to add to the list:


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Quick DPS Corki guide, very effective.

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Junglestix - A Guide to Jungle Fiddlesticks by The Mimic

The guide is rather outdated

Edit: If there is demand for a junglesticks guide i can write one up, if u want one email [email]adamian1@ithaca.edu[/email] ...no spam plz =/