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plz put my ren guide up http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1263217

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I would appreciate it if you could put up my Mundo Dominion guide.


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Nhan Fiction

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Misc Guide - Emotions: The Driving Force behind Player Performance


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Thanks mate the Leona Directory helped me

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Basic Beginner's Guide - http://malifaxcavey.quazen.com/games/roleplaying/how-to-play-league-of-legends-and-win-consecutively/
Guide to using Zilean for Dominion - http://bizcovering.com/business/for-the-love-of-league-of-legends-dominating-dominion-with-zilean-as-an-art/

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I posted this in a reply over in the Dominion Board, but thought I would drop it over here too in case others are writing Dominion character guides also.

Janna is a beast on Dominion. While support can be an effective way to play her, I find her far more fun to play in a ninja cap role. Janna is one of if not the fastest champ in the game and the best way to play her is with a capture focused mentality. Her kit is perfectly designed to move around the map as fast as possible and disrupt the enemy team's flow by constantly distracting them with back cap attempts. The great thing about Janna is that to play her this way you essentially need only 3 items in your build.

Here is how I build Janna in Dominion.
Start of Game
2 points in Zephyr
1 Point in Tornado (Howling Gale?)

Mobility Boots
Rejuvenation Bead

Masteries: I run a standard 9/0/21 support build

Runes: I again use my typical support runes which give bonuses to CD, Heath and armour (I don't remember the exact break down.)

Summoner Spells: Ghost and Exhaust or Heal. I used to run Ghost and Exhaust exclusively, but have recently started running Heal, because I found I didn't use Exhaust very often and when I did it wasn't the boon I hoped for. When you are playing this strategy your focus is on being as elusive as possible, and I think Heal comes in handy more often for pulling your butt out of the fire.

Skill Progression
The two skills that I focus on maxing out first are Zephyr and Storm Shield. When you level you want to put a point in Zephyr any time you have the chance. The biggest advantage Zephyr gives you is the move speed bonus and the ability to ghost through minions. Storm Shield is how you survive those sticky encounters where you are forced to flee an attacking enemy. Maxing these two abilities first makes you darn hard to catch and kill. Especially when you toss your other two skills into the mix. Since with this play method you are focusing on hit and run attacks on undefended turrets you need your two other skills to escape when the enemy inevitably shows up to try and stop you. Anytime an enemy champ is giving chase, make sure they get a face full of tornado as you flee into the jungle, practice being able to drop and fire a tornado quickly behind you as you run away. Your ultimate is also great for this purpose and used the to throw chasing enemies off your tail. One thing to note, be cautious as to when you decide to use Zephyr. With this build it will be your highest damage ability and when you are getting involved in team fights it can be a great asset to helping your teammates take out an enemy. However, while it does slow its target, the loss of the movement speed buff while it is on cool down often makes it less then ideal except as a last resort for trying to escape an enemy threat.

Item Build - Like I said earlier, for this build to work you only need three items. Anything else is just gravy. The core items of this build (and purchase order) are:
1) Boots of Mobility - If things are going right, you should be spending as little time in combat as possible, so the +5 movement speed makes you even harder to catch then you already are. I've thought about trying Boots of Swiftness for the constant +3 boost, but in the long run +5 feels more helpful even if not always present.
2) Pricilla's Blessing - +15% Capture Rate? Yes please! Once you have this item you can capture or disable points before the enemy responds even better. I actually don't understand why more people do not by this item. I think it's essential on any Dominion build. Plus the temporary move speed active can be nice for moving about the map while your Ghost Walk is on cool down.

Honestly, you could stop here if you want. However, the last essential piece of gear is:
3) Rayli's Scepter - This item is great for helping you survive. You get health, and an AP boost which only fuels your other abilities. However, the key here is the slow effect it adds to your spells. It makes your Tornadoes even more effective for escaping attacks.

From this point forward build whatever you want. I usually grab more AP. Honestly, once I get to this point, I only return to base on a respawn from a death, so I buy whatever I can afford while killing time.

General Play Tips
- Always move through the jungle. You do not want the enemy to know where you are until you are trying to capture a point. Avoid the outer ring whenever possible.

- Plot your paths through the Jungle so that you are picking up the speed and health boosts whenever possible. (Be cautious of Teemo Poops or Shacko-Boxes if fighting one of them) Remember, that while not visibly apparent, the speed boost recharges every time you pass over the area, so try to have the speed boost as often as possible.

- At start of game rush windmill. (Be sure to grab the speed boost) I think Rammus is the only champ who has ever beaten me there. Start to cap as soon as possible, but take an angle that will allow you to sweep the point with a tornado when the enemy team arrives. Usually during the fight for this point you will pop your first lvl, so throw a point into shield and use Zephyr and shield to support your troops but always return to capturing the point when able. Let your teammates do the fighting and support them in-between capture attempts. Ideally you will capture the point during this fight. Then comes the fun part.

- Once your team caps the windmill, or if your team is losing the fight and you don't think you can turn the tide this is the point where you go into distraction mode. Normally at this point in the game one or both of your enemy's home turrets are undefended while their champs push towards windmill and your team's bottom home point. Head into the jungle and move towards whichever point you think you will have the best shot at based on the enemy positions. Hit that point hard and fast and start to disable it. Disable or capture it as much as you can before the enemy arrives. Always be ready to flee if an enemy returns to defend the point. Flee into the jungle using tornadoes to cover your path. Often times, if you don't fully disable a point on the first chance you can escape into the jungle bob around for a few seconds until the enemy decides you've left and then return to finish what you've started.

- When playing Dominion keep in mind the way the scoring works. The ticks against the enemy base are based upon the difference in the number of turrets the two teams control. With that in mind, remember that often times disabling a point can be just as helpful towards your teams victory as fully capturing it. Also, until you buy Pricilla's it is obviously more difficult to fully cap a point before the defenders can arrive. Basically your goal should always be to be as much of a PITA to the other team as possible and force them to have to constantly keep devoting their attention away from the front lines to undo the mischief that you are causing with their points.

-Playing this way typically yields me good results. I usually finish a Dominion round among the top 3 of the team and often in 1st place. You wont get many kills, but it is typical for me to end a match with 10-12 captures and disables each.

- Dominion is of course a team game, so don't be afraid to help in team fights when you can. All of your abilities can help a team out in a fight. Just remember that if there is a huge team fight going on that also means that there is probably a sweet undefended point just waiting for you as well. So pick your fights, or don't be afraid to jump into a fight cause some chaos and then vanish off to cap an undefended point.

- Enemies to Fear: Since your main focus is on hit and run tactics directed at points your biggest thorns on the other team are enemies who have the ability to interrupt a capture from a great distance. Especially Gangplank, Karthus, Lux, and Ashe. Other annoying champs to play against are folks who can move about the map quickly such as Twisted Fate or Rammus. Due to your speed, and your ability to fling attackers around with your skills unless you engage in a fight there are few champs you can not easily escape from. However, remember that you are still pretty squishy and if they catch you would are probably going to die. The only other champs you need to be concerned with are champs that can go invisible or are able to drop defensive items. So Eve, Shacko, Teemo, Twitch and Heimer can cause you some problems.Picking up Oracle is never a bad idea when faced with one of them.

So that is my Janna Dominion guide. Now my secrets are out.

Would love to hear comments and feed back.

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My new high-quality Trynd guide.

Solo Top Windamere

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Graves Guide- This champ is awesome because he is a little unorthodox when it comes to normal range damage. I play him a tanky range carry and alsways do well especially in team fights.
I wont post his abilities but i will expand on them
His shotgun blast(BuckShot), great for harassing, - Shoots out 3 bullets and all 3 can hit the same target IE- same champ so any meele feeling a little too frisky can be blasted half their health. Keep in mind the closer they r the better the damage- risk/reward sorta deal
Smokescreen- A very under rated ability I think, specially against range mages with tend to give me the most hassle- I learned the value of this when I had to mid aganist a zerath- Dam people keep disconnecting- U shoot ur smoke, he cant see- u run and- Buckshot, and boom 1/3 of his health is gone- of course u have to zig zag to dodge all his harraseness.
His 3rd ability is quickdraw- this is in my opnion his most beneficial skill- you dash forward and do 60% more attack speed- this is a great utility mechanic when getting chased or being the chasei and also great in team fights when u have to focus some one down.

His ultimate( I forget the name) is a good finisher / mid tam fight. I save it for when our/ their tank initiates and then, when all the squishies think they cant get hurt/ I pot shot them to death along with this ult- try not to waste it on 1 person- it does great aoe damage however, i have been prone to launch it at runaway champs through walls and still pick up the kill

I wish they would have buffed his passive to be atleast 2 not 1 point but every second Graves is in combat he gets True Grit- +1 mr and +1 armor- stacks uo to 10- This helps you out early game for some damage negation

I play him just like an auto attacker- I see one of his recommended Items is a tri-force But i disagree with this- i want to be attacking the champs, not spamming abilities that dont do as much as my attack
I first get boots and 3 health bots- play semi cautiously and move out of the way of harasing champs- I HATE when people just sit there and take damage just because they dont think the enemy champ wont hit u ...
IN this order i save up for berserkers/bf sword then to black clever
after this i get some health- shot gun totters tend to get up close and personal - i get a sunfire cape- thats right- every meele chamo that try to hump out ur health with be hitting a tanky southern shotgun while u blast em away
I then get a vamprirc sceptor so if i do get a little low- I atleast can stay in jungle/llane and farm some health
Next-Bf sword-bloodthirster
then infinity edge
Understand this is all situational depending on the team u r facing- this build is strictly for if ur team is doing ok/ dominating to get soem good damage output- if u face metagolem champs/ heavy cc or mage- bloodrazer-wits end-banshies veil- u have to outlast their bursty damage or knock down their massive health- believe it or not- U r a good off tank- u can absord good damage while dishing it out with this build.

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Make his Q cooldown reset if he kills a neutral minion.

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I use a similar build to yours Vaneroth only I toss in a phantom dancer for more attack speed and movement speed because as nice as his quickdraw is always nice to just plane be faster than they are and kite them into an ambush lmao