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Kog'Maw questions

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Hey guys

i have a couple of questions,
first is, atm, im using this build here

i wanted to know if i could maybe modify it a little bit and give preference to attack speed, critical and later a little hp, not just attack speed and hp like the build says.

and another thing, is it better to build AP then, AD with high speed?

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Well to note there is an AS cap and generally not a good idea to sacrifice alot of damage for AS since Kog has a natural speed boost anyways. Modifying the build is good too I personally use items like Bloodthirster with my Frozen Mallet and pick up my 6th as a situational item.

But as for AD I really prefer AD over AP, really the only big gaps in damage I have noticed are for Q and E, because even with AD your ult does alot of damage to squishies, but it's always good either way to have a Madreds + Malady = great combo imo I use it every time and the rest of my items are AD based so I tear down tanks and high hp's easy. IF you wanted to go critical with say an Infinity Edge and a Crit enhancing item that could be good too as long as you don't sacrifice your most necessary item which is the Madreds.

But I will say... AS is almost necessary esp on an AD Kog because your main focus is your auto attack so you need to tear people up quick instead of hitting as hard as you can slowly with the enemies possible retreat.

Yet again I feel the Mallet is almost necessary not only does it give you a permaslow (Cant rely on your E all the time...) but the extra HP for a slow Carry. Hope this helps.