Your thought on these team comps

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MaryJ all Mornin



Give me your thoughts on these team comps.

Team Comp #1

Ashe - AD Carry - Bot - Ghost/Teleport
*Malzahar - AP Carry - Mid - Flash/Ignite
Shen - Tank - Top - Teleport/Fortify
Rammus - Jungler/Tank - Jungle - Flash/Smite
Janna - Support - Bot- Clairvoyance/Teleport

Team Comp #2

Ashe - AD Carry - Top - Ghost/Teleport
Amumu - AP Tank - Bot - Flash/Clarity
Warwick - Jungler/DPS - Jungle - Flash/Smite
Janna - Support - Bot - Clairvoyance/Teleport
Anivia - AP Carry - Mid - Flash/Clarity

*Issues I had were damage output.
I know Anivia is supposedly the best AP Carry and should always go mid, but I felt as though Malzahar would be the better choice later game due to the other champs on the team.

Please don't say
"Build your team according to who the other team is playing"
"Whoever you're best with"

I'm wanting your opinion on what the best team comp is on paper.
Thanks bbg

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Ashe on a team with 2 initiator tanks is a bit of overkill. Pick a higher damage AD carry like Corki, or mf.