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People bashing on Riot

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We get it, the systems flawed. Quit expecting riot to bend over backwards for you. They're product is a work in progress, and I'm sure they're working as fast and as hard as they can. Being a computer programmer I can tell you it's very annoying when things aren't working and bugs are piling up, but as you can see on their front page they are recruiting more programmers to try to solve these problems, so give them time and stop bashing them so much. I'm sick of these stupid posts about how elo is so jacked. EVERYONE KNOWS. This is competitive discussion lets talk games. and if you want to rage about someone on your team go ahead, but quit bashing people who are working on millions of other problems. Ranking can wait to be fixed the servers going down all the time can't.

Let's see those downvotes :-D anyways, swain owns.