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Sgt. Gunner, The Mail Caller

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this has been an idea I've had for a while now, a tank that's well a tank.

how he looks like I just imaged a guy in a WW II type tank a sherman kinda vibe.

ideas for his abilities

Field promotion - grants a minion a field promotion from expendable to private potato pealer / first class shoe polisher/ secretary of toliet duties. ect. it instantly turns friendly minion into a permanent pet (until honorable discharge or KIA) augments it slightly ( puts on army greens on them with their color hat sticking out) and the higher the promotion the stronger the minion is.

Air raid! - the tank commander pops the hatch with a radio in one hand and a binoculars in the other calls in a carpet bombing run could be channeled. the high altitude bomber flies ( as indicated by it's shadow on the ground) as strait and true as Ashe's crystal arrow but its payload is as random as Ganplank's cannons. all of this while air raid warning sirens blaring.

Geronimo! - same as Air raid! but the bomber's payload isn't bombs but paratrooper minions flown in from a reserve HQ, stronger than ordinary minions but minions all the same.

Depleted Hextech Shells - passive increase to attk power. activation shells filled with an explosive charge making each attk splash for so many seconds.

Experimental Noxian fuel - dumps a highly questionable fuel mixture into the engine propelling it forward onto and over obstructions and running it over causing damage.

Mail Call! - touched and moved from letters from loved ones back home invigorates all allies and minions granting increased defense/attk/ speed and movement for the next few sec.

Passive- yordle prototype armor-plating MK x 11- increase armor by X per kill.