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[Co-op vs AI Suggestion] The Evolution of the Bot (Hard/Advanced)

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The intermediate bots are good, but there's something about Ryze Bot farming mid lane minions while two of his teammates are fighting a battle behind him at the same time.

I would like to offer suggestions into making unstoppable bots.

  • Champion Bots with skillshots should use them before entering lane brush at the start. Think: Morde, Blitzcrank, Lee Sin, etc.
  • Make them buy their first item(s) faster and make it out to the brush to sit and wait to surprise facechecking human players with a slower reaction time.
  • Give them the capacity to place wards and initiate surprise ganks based on them.
  • More assassin ("surprise!&quot champion Bots are needed to keep players on their toes.
  • Employ different lane styles with different teams and games. There is the 2 top, 1 mid, 2 bot; 1 top, 2 mid, 2 bot; 1 top, 3 mid, 1 bot; and then +jungler lane strategies.
  • Bots need a jungler. This jungler should start at different places of the jungle, however, and the jungler's team could ward common river areas to plan for ganking human players trying to gank their jungler.
  • Award Bots the benefits of runes/masteries based on their champion role.
  • Create better Bot counterbuilds in favor of both the Bots' roles and the enemy human team.
  • Give Bots the intelligence to backdoor properly or suicide to take out a turret/building. Sometimes it's better just to die and get the turret/inhibitor than get pushed back and have gained nothing. I don't mean they should tank the turret all the time, I just mean that they should keep attacking even when a human defender is drilling them, when necessary.
  • Add strategic Revive/Teleport use. This helps with teamfights and synergizes with ward placement.
  • Make the fortify from bots splash damage as from the Reinforce mastery, and make its usage (with such a high CD, c'mon...) more useful than at times it can be as it is now.
  • Give Renekton Bot the power to tower dive! You know he can, I know he can, but he doesn't! Level 6 ftw!
  • Stop making the Bots pause at the edge of turret range. This creates unintentional feeding.
  • Give Bots the ability to team up on Baron Nashor or have a viable solo player take him out.
  • Make Bots less nuke-death-prone. Renekton with 4 Bloodthirstiers, Boots, and Infinity Edge should not be fed kill after kill after kill the same way every time. Yes, I did this...and so does every other nuking champion. It makes the entire system of AI a joke and doesn't challenge the rest of the human team because now all of the bots are outfarmed and outleveled, underfarmed and underleveled, however you want to call it.
  • Have Bots learn from their mistakes?
  • Bots should be able to utilize offensive and defensive active abilities on their items. Make it so. Items include Deathfire Grasp, Hextech Gunblade, Sword of the Divine, etc.
  • Give Bots strategic Oracle's Elixir use. AKA: the squishy players aren't supposed to get it so much because they will die, lose the effect, and have wasted gold. The damage dealers should follow the tank(s) around who should have an elixir for human players that ward or human cloakers.
  • There needs to be a Bot for every champion. This has been said before but ti's even more true if Advanced bots are ever to be considered. These Bots should employ multiple roles courtesy of the in-game shop. Tank Kassadin, Tank Renekton, Mid-Level Jungle Anyone (really, who can't get Madred's Razors at level X and then go off and jungle...), DPS Janna/Sona/Swain, etc. This particular aspect makes things more interesting.
  • With new champions comes new responsibility. Support abilities should be coordinated with utmost perfection: Zilean speeding up the chasers, slowing the defenders, Janna shielding the escaping teammates, any ranged cc champ helping a teammate escape, countergank teleport trio (TF, Shen, Pantheon), and more.

I could go on forever about this but I'm more than sure that everyone else reading this has more to contribute that outclasses whatever comes to my mind now.

Please rate, comment, and...wait there's no subscribe function here. Do it anyway!

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These are some really cool ideas. I might just not be able to get 10 pentas a game in bot fights. (I might have exaggerated a bit, but not much.) :P