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CACSC Submission: Yog, The Ancient Golem.

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Anteil Togar



Tags: Mage, Ranged

Control Wand(Innate): Having no attack of his own, Yog must rely on his three trusty mini-golems. Each Mini-Golem is made out of a different material; One of Wood, one of Iron and one of Gold. When Yog is within range of a target he swings his Control Rod causing all three Mini-Golems to attack that target. Each time a spell is cast the corresponding Golem can no loner attack.
-Wood Golem deals damage equal to 20% of Yog's Ability Power and 20% of his Attack Damage.
-Iron Golem deals damage equal to 25% of Yog's Ability Power and 25% of his Attack Damage.
-Gold Golem deals damage equal to 30% of Yog's Ability Power and 30% of his Attack Damage.

Power of Wood(Q): Passive: Increases nearby allies health regeneration by 1/2/3/4/5.
Active: Tosses the Wood Golem to target location and grows a tall tree. After a 1 Second delay Enemies at the center are dealt 75/105/140/180/225+.8AP Magic Damage and are knocked into the air for .5 seconds. Enemies away from the center are dealt half damage and knocked back 300 Units. Cost 70/90/110/130/150 Mana. 10 second cooldown. Trees last 5 seconds and do nothing but look pretty. Passive disabled till spell is refreshed.

Iron Excess/Iron Deficiency(W): Passive: Increases nearby Allied units Armor by 11/12/13/14/15 and Magic Resist by 6/7/8/9/10.
Active: Yog can use his Iron Golem to increase or decrease a targets Iron. When cast on an Allied Champion, Iron Excess increases Armor by 15/20/25/30/35 and Magic Resist by 10/15/20/25/30 for 5 seconds. When cast on an Enemy Champion, Iron Deficiency reduces Armor 15/20/25/30/35 by and Magic Resist by 10/15/20/25/30. 8 Second Cooldown. Passive disabled till spell is refreshed.

Golden Shower(E): Passive: Increases Allied Units attack speed by 5/8/12/15/18%.
Active: Yog throws the Gold Golem into the air creating a golden rain-cloud which then rain gold onto an area. Deals 15/20/25/30/35+.6AP Magic Damage a second. Units standing inside the rain have their Attack Speed increased(Allies) or decreased(Enemies) by double the passive. 9 Second Cooldown.

With Your Powers Combined(R): Yog absorbs his Mini-Golems into himself and transforms into a large Diamond Golem. Increases Health by 150/250/350, Attack Damage by 30/50/70, Ability Power by 30/45/60, and Movement/Attack Speed by 15%. In addition, spells deal the same damage but effects are changed.
-Power of Wood: Drops a tree from the sky onto target location stunning those in the center for 1/1.5/2 seconds.
-Iron Deficiency: Increases all Damage done to target by 10/15/20%.
-Golden Shower: Units affected leave a trail of gold behind them for 2 seconds. Has the same Slow Effect but with Movement Speed instead of Attack.
Costs 150/200/275 Mana. Lasts 10 seconds. 150 Second Cooldown.

Health: 470
Mana: 310
Range: 470
Movement Speed: 285

Non-Mandatory Information is still being worked on.

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Senior Member


I know this is pretty late, but Golden Shower is quite lame.
How does golden rain cause people to attack faster or slower, and how does leaving a golden trail signify a slow?
I just don't get it. All you did there was have pun with the name.

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Polka Dot Robot

Senior Member


Wrong forum.


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Sorry to bump this despite it being the wrong forum, but... yeah! wanted to give feedback.

Passive: Please realize that the scaling on Ability power is much, much higher and much much faster then it is on attack damage. Nashor's tooth/ Rageblade would probably be unholy on this guy. Last hitting would be a major pain in the rear depending on how you handled it.

Anyhoo, moving on.

Just generally, I think you're underestimating the strength of Auras. Compare the strength of your auras to the strength of Sona's auras, then realize that you have all 3 of these active at the same time. they're passive/ active auras, so that's more okay I guess, but realize that you're causing unclear gameplay, and the active's are absolutely useless if the passive's are stronger then them. And frankly, some of these do most certainly appear to be...

Q: if it's /5, it's useless. If it's per 1, it's still pretty bad, but is kinda strong in-lane. 25hp5 for free isn't something to frown at. Also, if tree blocks movement it very much does do something besides look pretty.

Damage is too binary. Too low base damage (75 damage, more likely 37 damage, at level 1 is quite frankly a joke. Compare... well, rupture is the easiest comparison, because it reads as a strictly better version of this. Which is not necessarily a problem, just something to be aware of)

W: Ugh. The gameplay on this is so unclear. Casting it on an ally is just an absolutely ugly decision to have to make. Just... ew XD sorry, but think about the math behind this ability and realize why I dislike it so much.

E: Impossible to judge without knowing how large it is and how long the AoE lasts, but I can tell you now without a single doubt in my mind that the AP ratio is WAY too high and the base damage is ungodly low. The only reason to even consider leveling this ability up is for the increasing attack speed, and... that's not good. Also, I feel like trying to position this ability correctly is going to be absolutely awful. unless the AoE is massive.

R: and now it becomes clear why all the abilities are so weak.
First of all, just realize that right now using this ability at level 1 adds 45 attack damage. That's before you get into everything else. Level 3 adds 105... not including the bonus attack speed.
The bonus movement speed and health is at best a pointless tack on. And worst, it breaks him. Just... why did you feel that part was necessary?
So... yeah :/ Let's rethink those numbers, as right now he's probably going to be one of the strongest autoattackers in the game just by buying nashor's tooth.
Short form thought process:
Your CDs are long enough and abilities weak enough that if you enter a fight without this ability, you're useless
E is now even worse to try to position. You also basically just made coin shower into a strictly better version of mystic shot and make it rain added together. That's probably not okay.
Q: This ability is wtfbinary now. It's terrible without R, and ungodly strong with it. I'm not okay with this. Also, you mean this to be instead of the knockup, right? Because if so, this is essentially two entirely different abilities.
W: I'm assuming you mean increase/decrease.
Well, you solved the problem of the passive probably generally being better then the ability itself, but... I mean...
take 20% more damage from all effects is essentially the same as a true damage spell that deals up to 17% of a target's health in damage. At level 1 of the ultimate, it's a true damage spell that does up to 9% of the target's health in damage. If that's okay with you, that's cool, and it's probably an okay ability. It just doesn't feel particularly fabulous. Honestly, just increasing the armor/ mr reduced would have close to the same effect.

Generally: Interesting, some good ideas. Too many things tacked together without rhyme or reason on both E and R, there's some MAJOR number rethinking that needs to go on just in general, and Q feels like two entirely separate abilities. Far, far too dependent on his ultimate to do much of anything. His downtime is... bad.

Basic overall summation:
Congratulations, you probably just made one of the strongest carries in the game. Hit R, drop Q, E, W on someone in that order, autoattack them to death.

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Senior Member



Am I the only one who knows what a Golden Shower is? I surprised I'm the only one to comment on this so far.

To keep with the theme, why don't you rename W to Rusty Trombone and Q to Pressed Fruitbowl?

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I mean, we know what it is >.> it's not exactly subtle. I just don't particularly care, and was amused because I thought/ hoped it was an Okami reference.