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My attempt at a dual-role champion.

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The purpose of this was to kill time mostly, but, I do like to toy with ideas and I want to see what you guys think about it. I'm leaving it very vague and generic in terms of raw numbers because I'm not very clear on formulas and the likes.

So my idea is to make a bruiser that can also play as a tank. The goal here is to
A) Make a character that can give out a beating 1v1, but be a benefit to teams in teamfights.
B) Give a character with a little bit more depth, encouraging to study various character and game mechanics.
C) Give something relatively new, as I don't think there's a champion that fulfills a niche/role much like this one.


A character that carries a giant shield. The shield is about the size of the character, bigger than Pantheon's. Since a shield like that would likely be heavy, it is wielded with the aid of two large gloves.

These gloves serve two purposes:
1. Their "magical" powers (or whatever the lore seems to fit) will give increased strength to lift the shield.
2. In the character's alternate mode, they will be used for punching, and dealing damage.

The character's main focus of strategy will be a constant assessment of being a strong individual or being a strong team player, while only being able to be one at a time. This is because when you use your Q ability, you will gain a new set of 4 skills to use.


Passive- The character gains defensive stats for each ally that is alive and nearby.

Q- Passive: While under control of the shield, you gain CDR, or other defensive stats. Active: Throws the shield at a target location, dealing damage and knocking up enemies nearby. While on the ground, you lose your Q passive, but give an aura to nearby allies that reflects the Q passive, but on a diminished scale. The shield will stay on the ground until picked up or by channeling Q again for a short time.

Q2- Pressing this will return your shield to you after a 2 second channel.

W- While you control your shield this is a straight line skill shot charge. If it hits an enemy while you are charging, you will push them in the direction of the charge.

W2- Using this without your shield will cause you to run faster and have higher attack speed for a short duration.

E- Some sort of close range blindness. That debuff needs to see more play, in my opinion, a great way to shut down melees. The lore can support this by reflecting light off the shield.

E2- Does a small bit of AoE damage centered around the shield's location on the ground.

R- Spins with your shield to do a small bit of damage and a close range stun/slow.

R2- Does a multi-hit fist punch combo on a single target.

Example uses in a mock battle:
I Initiation strategy- Start with your shield in your possession, when you see the character to engage on:
Q throw to knock up and provide an aura if a teammate wants to gank
W2 for the speed boost to catch your prey (since you threw your shield you swapped sets).
From here, if your gank is going well, use R2 to do some damage and finish off your target.
If not, pick up your shield and R to stun and prepare to tank.

II Initiation strategy- If you're coming up from the back of a fight, sneak:
W to push a carry towards your team.
Q to knock up carry and apply team aura
E2 to AoE damage and start dishing the hurt.

III Getting ganked- Good escape is if they are melee to E to blind them and W at close range to knock them back (forcing a flash or ghost or similar skill to catch you) and then throwing Q to knock up if need be.

Basic damage combo- Q, E2, R2, W2, autoattack.

Comments/my ideas:

~Each skill-pair will share cooldowns that won't be refreshed in between shield pickups and throws (to discourage rapid switching) and Q won't start the cooldown until the shield is picked up.

~I didn't aim for the first set of skills (Q W E R) to do damage. If you want to do damage you have to use your secondary skillls (Q2 W2 E2 R2).

~It would be neat to have Q W E and R damage scale off of armor (since it's a shield), and Q2 W2 E2 R2 scale off of AD, but that may bridge the gap to being overpowered, maybe?

~Auto attacking with your shield in possession should have diminished numbers in relation to auto attacking without.

~This character would encourage forethought and map awareness for placement of Q (both for the knock up, and for the aura).

~Being able to play this character smart would be proper use of switching skill sets and proper shield placement.

~Counters are blocking you from your shield or stunning you during a combo, in my head the character plays very bursty so interrupting the burst is a shut down. Also preventing you from reaching your shield forces you to channel for 2 seconds or have your team play without your CC skills or you being their tank.

~This character will primarily build Health+ items and AD/AS items. Maybe investing into one or two tank items. With the right numbers, the character's primary defense is going to be supplied by the Q passive and the character's passive.

~While this means that this character may end up being a very incredible tank early game, I think it is okay for a few reasons:
The passive requires all the teammates to be fully effective. While you are great at bottom for the small boost to your armor, one person out of 4 isn't going to make of break the character's overall effectiveness. Just by nature of this game and other characters, you won't see many game-deciding team fights at level 1.

~Also, since the smart way of playing is to focus squishy targets first, the tank should be the last to die. Given that, having the passive diminish with each non alive and nearby ally justifies the concept. Additionally, since another large portion of your defense comes from your Q passive, your damage and your defense are mutually exclusive.

Comments and suggestions would be lovely. If this turns out to be widely supported, I'll do my best to add in numbers/cooldowns/art/lore. Right now I just wanted to see how the community thinks of my idea.