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The Unnamed Stealth Support Map-Aware Bomber!

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Sweet Baby Ray



I'm no good with names.

Alright, this guy's a bad-ass stealth support champ that is based around keeping the map lit up with wards to buff his skills. He uses this map knowledge to monitor important areas and to set up ganks. He also preps these ganks and teamfights with strategically placed mines to ensure there is no escape for the targets. To remain active in a teamfight he has a small hp%/sec dot skill shot. He can also lane or jungle effectively.

LORE: He's some secret agent guy from the Black Rose, friends with LeBlanc.

Noxian Deathcharge- Drops a mine at a target location that sets after a short delay. Detonates and does AoE damage when an enemy enters it's range, or after 10/15/20/25/30 seconds. Reveals enemy stealth on detonation. Scales with AP. Increased damage per level and a smaller cooldown. Acts as a vision ward.

I think this should be his main source of burst damage. He's not a champ killer, he's support, so it shouldn't do too much damage, but enough to pick up some last hits in a team fight. This should encourage people to use some strategy and place the mines in spots enemies will run to. This should also be the only stealth detection he gets because stealth characters are very nerfed at the moment.

Exterminate- Skill shots a grenade that detonates on the first target it hits, doing initial damage in a small range and creating a poisonous gas cloud in a ~650 range that does low current hp %/sec to champions and a higher flat damage to minions and monsters.

This will make him a competent jungler to give a chance to monitor the lanes. If he isn't played as a jungler, he can still farm competently in lane to get to his ult faster to start doing his job and drop wards to keep tabs on enemies and get his AP buffs.

Veil of Night- Stealth with a small move speed buff to get him running around the map and dropping his wards and mines. You can only drop 1/2/3/4/5 mines per stealth run. Cooldown reduced per level and increased move speed.

As a carry he should be able to drop more mines from stealth per level so he can stay covert while setting better traps. The mines detonate quick in the beginning so before an enemy can be trapped, they'll have a hint that he's there. Later on, he'll have some time to set mines and trap enemies before they know he's there through the detonation time increase.

Ult: Reconnaissance- A skill that places a vision ward at a target location that's invisible for 3/4ths of it's duration. Can be used from stealth. Reduced cooldowns, increased duration and health per level.

His primary role should be dropping these beacons all over the map, keeping his team aware of important locations. This is the main source of his passive which also keeps him getting stronger as a carry. The wards stay invisible for a while so they can get some utility before a champ knocks it down.

Passive: Vigilance- For every enemy champion visible by any form of vision ward, he gets an AP boost. The boost should only count for 1 champion per ward until a later level so team fights don't get all 5 stacks by having just one ward on the side.

In short; This guy should be creeping around the shadows and keeping map awareness, then using this awareness to buff himself, anticipate ganks and then go trap and gank, while causing explosive chaos for the other team. It's a slow start, but towards mid-game he can be an invaluable utility if played with skill. Carries running from a teamfight? BOOM. Setting up a gank on mid? BOOM. He'll also synergyze very well with a multitude of long-range characters.

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Toxic Skills



i like ur idea's