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[Champion Suggestion] Marlile, the Exiled Necromancer [Updated.3]

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This is a Champion Idea I had, and I thought I would post it. I'm not great with knowing how much mana a power should cost, so I would like some feedback there as well.
Name: Marlile
Title: The Exiled Necromancer
Role(s): Mage, Pusher, Ranged

Passive: Soal Hoarder. Marlile never lets a freed soul go to waste. Whenever an enemy champion is killed anywhere on the map, Marlile gains as much maximum health as the champion's level and is healed for 50 instantly.

First Power(Q): Tortured Spirits. Marlile surrounds his enemy target with tortured souls that he has captured, fearing them and hurting them for 75/100/120/150/175 magic damage every second until the fear ends, which is in 3 seconds. If the target is below half health when the fear ends, Marlile lets out a courageous shout, healing himself for 100 and nearby allies for 50 health. Mana Cost is 65. Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/10

Second Power(W): Unfinished Serum. Marlile takes his unfinished life potion (read the story!) out of his pocket. He throws it at a target location. Any enemy within this location has their fleshed stripped from their bones slowly. This damages them for 45/100/250/300/350 magical damage over 3 seconds. In addition, it leaves behind a 3-second sludge that slows any enemy who walks onto it's movement speed for 3 seconds. Mana Cost is 50. Cooldown: 20/18/17/16/15

Third Power(E): Desperate Times. Marlile uses his powers of deception to slip away from enemy sight for 3 seconds. In addition, Marlile uses this opportunity of non-detection to heal himself for 20 times his level when his stealth ends. Mana Cost is 40. Cooldown: 30/25/20/19/17.5

Ultimate(R): Summon: Fallen Warrior. Marlile commands all undead things. He enchants the bones of fallen warriors beneath a targetted area. If any enemy is in the area, they are stunned and hurt for 25 magical damage times their level. A Skeletal Warrior rises from the earth and begins attacking nearby enemies. If any champion was in the area, the Warriors attack them. In addition, any enemy who was in the area has their movement speed slowed for 5 seconds after the stun as skeletal arms grab at them from under the earth. Fallen Warriors have 1000 health and 200 physical attack damage. When a Fallen Warrior is destroyed, it disinegrates, blinding nearby enemies by covering their eyes with dust. Mana Cost: 175. Cooldown: 150/140/125/110/100

Walking Speech: I bring the stench of death...
Walking Speech 2: My army wishes to be freed.

Attacking Speech: I hunger for recruits...
Attacking Speech 2: Revenge approaches.

Taunt(/t): I was exiled. Now I will exile you to the flames of the deeps.

Dance(/d): Marlile summons skulls which float around him as he dances around.

Laugh(/l): Marlile's laugh is deep and throaty.

Quote: "I don't quite understand Marlile's motives . . . no one does. And I'm not sure I do want to know." quoted by Kayle.

Story: He was almost done . . . just one more drop of the magician's blood, and he would have the key to reversing death itself! Marlile was holding the bridge between the happiness of life, and the coldness of death. After this night, no longer would he be mocked. After this night --
A loud groaning noise to Marlile's left interrupted his thoughts. He turned to his chained guest, a sad smile on his face. He patted their stitched shoulder, and spoke softly.
"Don't worry. You will test this for me . . . but I'm sure it will work! You will be alive and restored to your normal self in no time, my friend . . ." Marlile whispered.
His creation screamed through a stitched mouth, trying to break free from its chain bonds. It shook continually, but it was no use. Marlile had him chained up tight.
"Stop right there!" a voice near the doorway shouted angrily.
Marlile spun around, quickly hiding the vial into a pocket of his robes. It was one of the villagers.
"What can I do ya for?" Marlile asked, quickly implying his fake accent. "Ain't it a bit late for a pretty lady like you to be wanderin' 'round these parts?"
The woman shook her head. She stepped aside, and more villagers took her place. Marlile's eyes widened as he fingered his vial. They couldn't have found out now . . . anytime but now!
A man in a long white robe stepped forward out of the angry villagers. He pulled out of his pocket a small book with a cross imprinted on the front of it. He began speaking in a slow monotone. Marlile simply stood where he was, stunned.
After a few minutes of continuous reading, the old man finally broke Marlile out of his stupor.
"And you are henceforth being burned at the stake for your crimes, and your dabblement in witchcraft."
"What?!" Marlile insisted. He couldn't believe his ears. They were going to ruin all his work! All of it!
The old man seemed not to have heard Marlile. He pointed at Marlile, and two armored guards stepped forth. They began walking towards him slowly, like he could destroy them at any moment.
And he could.
Marlile angrily whipped his cloak around him, dodging one of the guards. The other guard looked around - but Marlile was gone. He had simply disappeared. The guard hurriedly turned to unchain the thing chained to the table.

Marlile ran from his cabin, making sure the villagers wouldn't hear him. He laughed as he looked back.
"You'll never catch me, fools!"
Marlile thought he was safe. And then he ran into a huge, bulking mass. He fell to the ground and groaned. His eyes widened as he felt around for his vial in his pockets. It was not harmed.
"Watch where you're going!" he growled. Then he realized who he was talking to.
An angelic figure was looking down at him. They removed their helmet, and Marlile saw it was a woman in full-clad armor. Marlile frowned.
"I saw the whole thing." she said softly. "Either you follow me and my friend here --" the angelic woman waved her hand towards a bulking mass that was wielding a fiery axe next to her. It had a skeletal face. " -- or we turn you in to those villagers."
Marlile scoffed and attempted to walk around them. Before he knew what had happened, he was on the ground with the woman pointing a sword to his throat.
Marlile gulped.

Story 2: (I noticed that some people didn't get a feel for 1. What Marlile looked like 2. Who he really is, and 3. Why they should play him in the first place. So I made this.)
Marlile's purple eyes narrowed. He had taken advantage of the woman being asleep as well as the hulking mass with the fiery axe. While they were sleeping, he had snuck out of their camp. He wasn't going to battle for glory, or honor, or anything like that. He was going to finish his life serum and never see those fools again.
"Where do you think you're going?" a voice behind him asked quietly.
Marlile spun around, his black robe whipping behind him. The woman who called herself Kayle had followed him. He saw her fingering her sword slung onto her belt.
"I'm not participating in battles at the Summoner's Lift! You can just leave me alone while I continue my studies." Marlile turned and started to walk away.
His path was illuminated by something he had not wanted to see again. The skeletal mass with the fiery axe stood in his way, its red eyesockets looking down at him.
Before Marlile could react, the mass reached back with its axe and swung the blunt side at him, knocking Marlile to the ground. Kayle stepped up behind Marlile as he groaned, both acting and both out of rage.
"You've forced me to do this, lady." he growled.
Marlile sprung to his feet before the woman could react. He slowly raised his hands and jabbed a finger at the earth, a wicked smile on his face.
Instantly, a disgusting stench filled the air. And then Marlile saw it.
A skeletal hand with some rotting flesh still attached to it reached through. And then a sword poked through. Marlile thought he could see traces of a skull as well.
"I'll be going now." he grinned, and walked around the mass.
"Not so fast." Kayle said, unsheathing her sword.
The woman blocked two blows from the skeleton Marlile had conjured. The skeleton managed to get a hit onto her side, but her armor prevented any damage. The mass with the fiery axe walked behind the skeleton, raised his axe, and brought it down on the skull. Instantly, the skeleton evaporated, showering dust onto Kayle and the fire-axe-wielding thing.
Kayle whiped dust from her eyes, and so did the mass.
"Nice try, Necromancer. You'll be even more useful now." Kayle said, smiling to herself.
Marlile growled as the mass picked him up and dragged him away. Why was it so hard to finish his life serum?

The stories are a bit long, I know. If needed, I'll make a shorter version of it.

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so if you want help with scaling just go to the champion page and look at the scaling for the mages of the ability it is similar too so you can get an idea of were it should be around keep in mind you should look at more then one champion to get a good range.