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Interesting Concept character?

Yeah, seems cool. 3 60%
Eh, with some tweaking, maybe. 2 40%
Nope. He's utterly stupid. 0 0%
Seen it before. 0 0%
Voters 5 .

Champion Concept: Jericho, The Escape Artist

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We've all seen champions with escape mechanisms placed into their system, but what about a champion who revolves around escape and using his environment to his advantage?

Meet Jericho, the Escape Artist.

Champion Summary:

Name: Jericho
Role: Assassin

Passive: Push/Pull - This passive allows Jericho to push champions away, or pull a minion towards him every X number of seconds with his grappling hook.

Q Ability- Charge: Jericho creates a bomb every so often. He can chose if it will be a smoke screen (which will make him invisible while inside,) explosive (deals damage,) or Blinding (stuns enemies.) He can either plant it, or hold on to it, if he is attacked while holding it, the bomb will explode, releasing it's negative effects on him. Pick the type, the next time Q is used, it drops the bomb wherever he's standing.

W Ability- Decoy: Drops a box on the ground that is visible to all champions, when approached, it springs, stunning all champions nearby, and deals damage when it explodes. Low cooldown.

E Ability- Hookshot: Jericho takes out his grappling hook and fires it. The hookshot is a skill shot that pulls him to whatever it hits, and can go through walls. Moderate cooldown.
R Ability- Blending In: Jericho Shoots his grappling hook at an enemy and pulls them to him. If the enemy is killed within a given time, Jericho steals their move set for one minute. This is a high damage dealer ult.

Inspired by: Links Hookshot from the Legend of Zelda.

Appearance: Lightly armored clothing. Jericho has brown hair and green eyes, he's built quite similar to Ezreal. Left hand holds his grappling hook, right hand holds a pistol.

Race: Human
Age: 18-19
Occupation: Private Investigator
Affiliation: Good

Backstory: Jericho was born a weak human being. He lacked the physical strength most boys his age had, and he spent most of his time indoors, inventing. Most of his technological ideas failed, nothing worked. Jericho did, however, invent one tool he found to be of incredible use. The grappling hook. This small invention gave him mobility that even the most skilled and acrobatic humans could not match. It could carry him place to place, and with training, he was able to use it to escape from those who had found him an easy target to beat up on.

As he got older, he expanded out to more dangerous materials. He crafted bombs, smoke bombs, and even creating experimental 'Blinding' bombs. He created decoys to startle enemies, and even disable them. He's participated in thievery, planned assassinations, and many of other misdemeanors. As well, he's done plenty of mercenary work in sabotage for the Demacian forces.

His entry to the League of Legends was recommended to him by Garen. Believing his escape mechanisms and contraptions would be invaluable on a team. However, those close to him believe it's an inner turmoil to show that even with his frail body, he can do just as much as the others in the League of Legends.

Jericho couldn't be caught. And as long as we stuck to his escape plans, neither could we. Garen.

I'm not escaping this one.

Stick to the plan.
I'm gooone.
I see what you're doing.

Got it.
Easy pickings.
In and out.

Catch me... if you can. *Becomes slightly transparent for a second.*

Just wait 'til my team gets here!
I hate fighting against these beautiful ladies... who in the world wants to get away from them?

Dance: Caramelldansen


Abilities: A closer look.

Q ability, or Charge: Despite it's name, it is not a charge. It creates a bomb that the Summoner can choose. Works like Twisted Fates selection, but, he can hold onto the bomb for as long as he wishes. If Jericho is attacked by a champion while he is holding a bomb, the bomb explodes, giving him the negative effects, as well as everyone around him. This can be used as a way to save a team member getting ganked.

W ability, or Decoy: Similar to Shaco's jack-in-the-box. This ability drops a box that is visible to all players except in the fog of war. They can be destroyed from a distance as well. A smart Jericho will lay these boxes around like Teemo mushrooms, and when things go bad, use his grappling hook to hook it through a wall to escape. Any chasers will then be feared, and a small amount of damage will be dealt. It's more of an annoyance damage than anything. However, they don't last forever.

E Ability, or Hookshot: The skill that Jericho is designed around. When fired, it'll pull him to the first thing it hits. It deals a good amount of damage, and stuns the target. However, it's high mana cost and inability to pass through minions can be a bit of a downfall. The cooldown is rather long, and should be used carefully. A powerful nuke, or a great escape mechanism. If it hits a decoy box on the other side of the wall, it'll pull him through the wall and onto the other side.

R Ability, or Blending In: The main source of Jericho's damage. If he can get into a team fight and get an assist on a champion while this is active on said champ, he gets all their spells, minus the ult for a minute (though that's not definite.) This makes him an uber hybrid, and gives him the ability to play a role within team fights, and also a way to initiate fights.

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change name please, their is already a Jericho Swain. other than i like it, but it would be so hard to control this champion to its fullest.

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Naming is really hard with champions...

But, the Escape Artist was never meant to be an easy champion to use. I think he'd be extremely powerful, especially against turret divers. Hook shot them as they're running after a dive, and proceed to finish them off. He'd be a great ganker.