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[Champion Concept] *Unnamed:Duke of the Undead

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Bruiser, Mage, Support, Pusher

Concept: A unique versatile Champion that can provide the team with various winning qualities such as; tower pushing, assassination, and valuable team fights. Although he covers a broad spectrum of attributes, not one is superior and allows the player to focus on items defining the Champion as well as finding a unique skill set.

The Duke uses a unique system (similar to Mordekaiser and Renekton) in place of mana and/or energy called Soul Force. He has 4 bars/sections that can be filled up by his passive, Death Tap, and by killing enemy targets. Each ability uses a minimum of 1 section and a maximum of 4. The more sections that are used the more powerful the ability is while also increasing the cooldown for that ability. The player chooses how many bars they want to use by "charging" the attack (simply holding down the ability) until the number of bars is "selected."

Passive: Death Tap - Each attack increases his Soul Force and each kill with an ability fills one bar.


Spirit Slash - Slash in front of you in a cone. Each bar increases the radius and adds a slow effect (starting at 2 bars).

The Pull - Sucks up enemies around him stealing life. Each bar increases the duration of The Pull. (ability radius is fairly small; increases with more points)

Spectral Beast - Lashes out with his spirit arm which takes the form of a beast.
1 Bar = Claw; strike for additional damage to a target near you.
2 Bars = Tail; knockback an enemy dealing additional damage.
3 Bars = Spectral Claw; Grab an enemy from a distance underneath them, slowing them down and doing damage.
4 Bars = Gaping Mouth; A spectral beast's head plummets down from the sky in a selected area dealing damage in an AoE.

Call of the Legion (Ult) - Summon undead minions that fight for you. Your abilities will have double the effect them and will produce the same results (The Pull will still heal you from them). Each bar increases the number of "brute" minions that are summoned (starting at 2 bars.)


Low - Speed, Attack Speed
Medium - Damage, Ap, Health, Defense, Magic Resist
High - N/A

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Junior Member


all i suggest is you work more on his stats and maybe what he looks like picturing him with longer hair that drapes across his face looking like he just rolled out of bed with a tunic shirt and pants like yas i feel like he should have tattoo's that represent the pain of the souls that he uses. "Saren - The Duke of the Undead".
check out my champion for maybe idea's http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=49643402#post49643402