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Korsus, The Mind Trisker

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Ok, Here's a Champion Suggestion I make in all honesty, because I think it would be a nice addition to League of Legends

Let's start by a quick Description. Korsus is a Melee DPS'er champion. He use his passive and items do deal real damage, and relies on his abilities for Survavibility and Strategic purposes. Yet, they are Really useful in many situation.

Some lore:

Deep inside Noxus slums, where no laws where respected and no good done, There was born Korsus.

Given with magical powers since his youngest age, but with no one able to learn to handle them right, he used them for the only thing that mattered to him: Survivance. Using his power to take some one appareace, or hide when he had to, he grew up and learned to use his arms as much as his mind.

As a men, he quickly gained power in the underground powerplay. One of his most reckognized feat was the day where he became the most respected and powerful criminal in Noxus. After entering his most fierce rival's luxurious house, he assasinated him, took his appearance and proclaimed that he was going to stop leading his Organisation, and that he handed it to Korsus itself.

Noxian authorities, being aware of Korsus's influence and capabilities, cornered him one night and putting him to jail.

He was after approached by Noxian High military, and was offered a chance. Either he was executed for high treason, either he served Noxus as a member of the League of Legends as one of Noxians Champions.

''There are few thing as disturbing then facing yourself on the battlefield''

Now, here we go with abilities.

(Innate) Saber Mastery: Each attack, Korsus gain a Stack of Saber mastery, increasing his attack speed by 3%. At 10 stack, Korsus enter a Frenzy, increasing his attack speed and attack damage by 50% for 6 second and lose every Saber Mastery stacks. If you gain 10 more stack, the Frenzy is refreshed.
This is pretty much the only ability in Korsus damage that help him deal major damage, and can be extremely useful in pushing or in any other combat situation.
(Q) Metamorphosis: Korsus morph into an ennemy champion, gaining his appearence, attack range, raw movement speed, and Q ability for 5/6/7/8/9 second. For this duration, the stolen ability deal 100/110/120/130/140% of the base damage.

400 range.

This ability is good for me, because it fits the character, and also grant strategic possibilities. Think about Metamorphing in Ashe to slow down opponents, or Garen to gain silence and bonus movement speed. Also, the Bonus damage gives 1 more good reason to use the spell, and also cover partially the lack of ability power for most abilities. Also, The ability is Mana-Free, because the stolen ability cost mana and He isn't intended to have much mana.

(W) Duplicata: Create a duplicata of yourself that goes to the targeted location, taking 300/250/200/175/150% increased damage and dealing none. The duplicate attack if attacked. When the duplicate dies, it deals 50/90/150/210/250 Damage and stun for 1.2/1.2/1.7/1.7/2 Second.
100000 range. 70 mana.
First, this ability can be use in offensive, defensive, or even desperate way. You can set ambushes, or save you buy sending him right by your ennemies. You can even send him as Scout, because he has an incredible range.

(E) Phase Shift: Passive: Each 30/25/20/15/10 Second, you deflect an attack or spell to the nearest allied or ennemy unit except the attacking unit. if there is no ennemy or ally near, you take damage and/or effect of the attack or spell.
Active: For 10 second, Korsus shift, making every attack teleport 10/20/30/40/50 Range forward. Spells make him teleport twice that amount.
200 Range, 100 Mana.
Well, First of all, this ability increase greatly his survavibility, because he's intended to be Squishy. Also, THe Deflect effect can be greatly useful when chased buy 2 person or more. it can save you from lethat blows, such as Garen Ultimate or Karthus's Requiem.
The active also make escape lot easier, which is primordial for a melee champion.

(R, Ultimate) Deception: Korsus create a Clone of an ennemy champion, taking 200/165/125% damage and Dealing 50/75/100% damage of the cloned champion. Also, The Clone always take 75% damage and deal 125% damage the cloned Champion.
I think that ultimate is great, because it's a great single-target killer, and can be useful in team fights. Yet, it's pretty uneffective on casters, so don't forget to cast this on DPS'er or tanks.

it's pretty much the basic frame of that champion. Give your comments!