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[Guide] Laning Warwick

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use whatever you like for physical carries (too IP poor to experiment around myself)
My Page has
Marks: 9x Armor Pen
Seal: 9x Flat MP/5
Glyph: 9x Scaling MP/5
Quints: 3x Move Speed

Offensive- AP scaling, CD reduc, and Spell Penetration
Utility - Ghost, Neutral buff, MS, and spec down to SS CD reduction.

Summoner Spells
May seem like overkill due to his naturally high MS but I like it's versatility to chase or escape a gank and it synergizes well with Cleanse
Again like Ghost it can be used both for offensive and defensive purposes. Also a low CD at 85 seconds which mean you can use it more often

Item Build
Mana Crystal + 2hp pots
Mana Crystal => Sheen, Boots of Speed
Phage=> Frozen Mallet
Zeal => Trinity Force
Wit's End// Malady// Black Cleaver// Bloodthirster
Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel

Skill Build
(First 6 LvLs)
1 Hungering Strike
2 Hunter's Call
3 HS
4 Blood Scent
5 HC
6 Infinite Duress
7-18 (R>Q>W>E)

Brief Analysis
I take this due to the fact that he can use Hungering Strike more often now. It's a great way to harass and significantly increase his DPS. With Masteries and Golem he can use HS approx. every 4 seconds.
Makes it a lot easier to setup kills during the laning phase once you get Infinite Duress.

-Merc Treads-
while it's tempting to take mobility or swiftness I would rather go with these for the survivability especially when Cleanse is on CD.

-Frozen Mallet-
2 Reasons why I get this, it turn your Hunter's Call into a CC skill and it adds a high amount of HP for added survivability


-Trinity Force-
Adds to your burst damage when you are using all his skills in rapid succession. I want to say blood scent also triggers this when it activates.

Author's Note: This is based off of a handful of games with Warwick since recent patch so I will continually update this as I go. Feedback positive or negative is always welcome