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Harmony Keeper of Balance

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great fail

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Role: Ranged healer/support
Resource: mana

Harmony is based off of the idea that nothing is good or bad. that everything is a mixture of both


Innate- FRIEND nor FOE: Able to target both allies and enemies. Her attacks are not affected by targets armor or magic resistance. Everything in Harmony does must be balanced so to do this say her first attack deals damage, her second attack must heal. She may target herself. Self attack deal only 25% damage/heal to her.

Q- Curse of Ages: (debuff/buff) If cast on enemy target is slowed by 50% for 3 then is receives a speed buff of 50% for 3 seconds. If cast on an Allie target receives a 100% speed increase for 5 seconds but then is stunned for 5 seconds (still able to attack and use spells)

W- Weakness of Stone: (stun/buff) target takes reduced damage but is unable to move for the duration of the buff

E- Gate of life/ gate of death: (AOE) Harmony creates circular gateway around target champion. The target is immune to the effects of the spell and if they die the spell ends. (Like her Innate this one changes upon every use) Gate of life increases the restoration speed of health, energy and mana to all within the spells radius but because its effects are so calming it reduces movement speed by 25%. Gate of Death Deals damage to ALL within the Circle, and causes all mana and energy to be depleted at an increased rate. Due to the negative effects on the body all champions in the area receive an increase in movement speed of 15%.

R-Return: After Concentrating for 2 seconds Harmony warps target visible Champion to their home Nexus

While she is still still a work in progress I hope to add to her in the near future

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no no no no no, no attacking allies, no stunning allies. absolutely get this idea out of your head, its bad! this is just a giant troll of a hero.