[Champion Suggestion] The Burning Samurai

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I have not quite thought up a name or story for this yet, if you want to, by all means.

Basic Attack: Moderate damage, slightly above average speed, ranged.

Passive: Bound in Blood: Attack and movement speed increase as health decreases.

Ability 1: Oath in Flame: Hits enemy champion for moderate spell damage that scales with level. If *this champion* dies within a short time period after casting that increases with level, the targeted champion receives heavy spell damage, and *this champion* receives a slight reduction in respawn time this once. This effect will wear off if the targeted champion moves a certain distance away from *this champion*.

Ability 2: Ultimate Sacrifice: *this champion* looses 1/2 of his max health, dealing spell damage to all enemies in an area around him. Scales with level, 3rd level is equivalent damage, 5th level is (200 +/- 50)% times that damage. 2nd level adds stun, 3rd + levels increase stun.

Ability 3: Blood Fury: *this champion* looses a percentage of his max health (decreases with level) and gains increased attack speed and damage, as well as movement speed for a short time.

Ultimate: Reward of Loyalty: Gains Armor and attack speed until either a period of time passes or *this champion* kills 3 other champions. Persists through death. Effect is greater when activated at lower health.

The basic idea is a high risk, high reward type champion that requires a careful management of health and cooldowns.

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far to suicidal of a hero for my liking. he needs some way to heal, or at least stay alive past a armor buff.

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I like the concept. Low health=high risk, but could essentially destroy a tower or assassinate a squishy enemy champion and run away extremely quickly.

Question: would building him tankier result in higher returns from his passive? or is it percent based?

This sounds like a cool combination of Yi, Olaf, and Tryndamere. My first thought when reading his name though, "not another fire champion.." try to add some backstory and design! thats the fun part about champ concepts.

This is my champ, review me in return? thx