[Champion suggestion] Ravage, the saboteur.

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Well, ravage is a saboteur (range supportive nuke), not a mage neither an assasin and he's not teemo...

Lore: Ravage came from a place farther than the void, another dimension... He opened a portal to the runeworld and get inside it. He knew the league of legends would engage him and that he would be taken to fame!

Notes: His ultimate is given at lvl 1 like karma and all his other abilities have 6 levels. Also landmines are not auto-activated like teemo or nidalee or Caitlyn.)

(I've put +/- it means that the stats are not fixed for now because it is useless.)

Health: +/- 450 (+67 per level)
Mana: +/- 300 (+45 per level)
Attack: +/- 51 (+1.7 per level)
Move speed: 310
Armor: 14 (+1.35 per level)
Magic resist: 25


Passive (Quick Sabotage):Ravage landmines are invisible in a radius of 900 range around him. And he also gets +0.5% move speed for each 20 ability power he has.

Q (Adesive bomb): Ravage throw a small bomb on his target that stacks (up to 20 times), each 5 stacks reduce the target move speed by 2%. The damage must be activated at one time with his ultimate (detonate). This ability deals true damage. Make a small red spot on the ennemie champion for each stack.

Cooldown: 3 sec
Range: 600
Initial cost: 30 mana (after the first one it cost 10 each)

W (Barbed wire): Ravage puts a barbed wire in front of him that slows champion that walk on it and deals damage over time. This is a "wall" ability. But the closer the wall his from i'm it makes a circle instead of a line. Line => curved line => cercle.

Cooldown: 20/19/18/17/16/15
Damage per sec: 4/10/16/22/28/34
Range: 400
Slow: 10/13/16/19/22/25
Mana cost: 70/80/90/100/110/120

E (Landmine): Ravage puts a landmine on the ground (up to 4 on the map) but the landmine is not auto-activated when you walk on it. Ravage must activate it like his adesive bomb. It deals a lot of damage and it actualy silence for a very short duration, usefull to break ultimate.

Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6/5 sec
Range: 350
Damage: 60/90/120/150/180/210 (+0.4ap) magic damage
Effect: Silence for 0.5 sec
Splash range: 150/160/170/180/190/200
Mana cost: 60/70/80/90/100/110

R (Detonate): Detonate all bombs and landmines dealing damage and reducing armor and magic resist by 5% for 3 seconds if someone is hit. It is auto-leveling at lvl 1/7/14. Gives ap in passive and if a unit gets too far from Ravage the adesive charges disapear if not they stay forever.

Passive: +20/40/60 ability power / If the ennemie get more than 2000 range away from Ravage the adesive bombs and all other effects dissapear.

Active: Adesive bombs explode and for each stack it deals 15/25/35/45/55/60 (+0.1ap). To be activated by Ravage (adesive or landmine) must be in a 600/900/1200 range around him if not the ulti doesn't work.

Mana cost: 5 mana for each things he must detonate. (landmines and adesive)

Quotes (movement): -Rapid as an assasin but deadlier.
-Don't move away too slow... summoner, or you'll get killed.
-No comments...

Quotes (joke):-This is not a joke. (Head makes no)

Quotes (taunt):-Boom is the last thing you'll hear before you die! (Fake his ult move)

Quotes (Random):-Aouch, that mushroom did hurt finally...

I hope you'll like him, please give comments about how to get it better and/or of your appreciation. I have to say me and a friend did it so i'm not the only one on it.

Thanks you.

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the first half of the passive should be moved to the ability, not slapped on the passive. this guy seems kind of weak in a team fight, and a 1 on 1, and chasing. in fact all he seemes to be able to do is nuke u one huge amount, but only if u let him hit u with 20 bombs.

seems real annoying, i dont see a way of fixing him.

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yeah you are right on the fact that he must stack a lot of bomb on you to kill you but let me explain what he is suppose to. He is the one who prepare the ground for the fight. He has to plant landmine, place barbed wire ( i forgot to tell how long duration is. (3 sec duration)) and wait in the bush till someone come. Maybe if i change the W skill and make it a instant damage spell instead of a slow damage over time.

And as it is true damage he can deals 60 + 30 (ability power: 300) x10 so within 30 sec of placing bomb on his opponent, don't forget they don't dissapear. so 90x10 (900 true damage) within 30 sec (20 if max cooldown reduction) + the landmine you placed and brought up the ennemies 210 + 120 = 320 (300 ability power again) so it makes 320 + 900TD = +/- 1200 magic damage within 30 sec. It is a support nuke. And barbed wire enable if to flee if he casts it near him. The real nature of Ravage is surprise.