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Austin, the Gold Golem

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The name Austin comes from the Au, the elemental symbol of gold. Austin is a manaless champion who spends gold to use skills. His mana bar is used to indicate the amount of shield he gains from his passive, like Mordekaiser.

Armor of Gold (Innate):
Austin gains shield over time proportional to the amount of gold he gains per second.

Fist of Gold:
Deals heavy damage to one target. The gold spent is refunded if the target is killed.

Greed Inducer:
Austin emits rays that emplify greed around him. Taunt and blind enemy champions near him.

Avarice Skin:
Passively gains more gold per second. Austin can activate this ability to double the amount of gold gained per second.

Gold Overflow:
Austin smashes the ground to summon a river of gold. Enemy champions, enemy minions, and neutral monsters in a cone in front of him take damage and are pushed back. Ally champions in the area of effect gains gold.

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Sounds like something I'd buy. Money to cast sound underpowered early game, though, and not that useful until after full build. But there is his avarice thing, though, so depends on how much it gives.