5 Ideas, 5 Revolutions.

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Different. I Can say, LoL it's different. The better RTS ever for me. But since some time, I'm starting to notice something: You're wasting the best thing that you have: Creativity. Let's examine: Maokai: Any, any game features a treant, a tank treant. Brand: Just like to Annie, I thought it was up to his father. Jarvan: swords, spears, have no more grace. Unique weapons, that's what matters. Rumble: A creature with an incredible brain, which controls a robot or other strong creature, something he is not. Now stop, and ask yourself: Look at the other games and analise. What they have? Everything. And what do you need to do? Destroy them, being better then them. Now, ask yourself again: Wich game have a mermaid, a little spoiled girl, a spider-woman, a diva movie star in the battle field? Maybe 1, maybe 0? Make your game still more different, more addictive, listen to your players.

My point is: read and draw your own conclusions from these five suggestions of champions:

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Thank you.