Olaf - WHY can't I do well as him.

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However, Vicious Strikes means that you can sustained yourself. Many people make the mistake of engaging a low-health Olaf when he has vicious strikes up; he can just lifesteal his way through any sustained damage, and lifesteal faster the faster as he loses health. I've seen Olafs get to 1/3 health and not have their health move past that, all the while eating through an enemy. Reckless Swing spamming, on the other hand, actively drains your health as combat prolongs.
Well, you can do both. Eventually you will get to level 5 in all of 'em.

I think it's just that at LOWER levels, the output from E is more significant than the output from W.

But if you want to do the best of both worlds, alternate between W and E after you get the 3rd level of E?

Honestly, the E output is so nice early.