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Items that are amazing on Morde

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I'm surprised that no one is talking about on-hit effect items. His ghosts apply on-hit effects, which means that Bloodrazors/Rageblade/Frozen Mallet/Malady/Wit's End are all good choices on him. He doesn't really get any kind of returns off of AP, so I don't really see him stacking AP items.

Considering how awesome he farms and how poor he scales, I'd say that he is a competent aura-monkey, as well. Aegis/Starks/Abyssal scepter, run around with your team. Do the ghosts benefit from team auras?

I don't have Morty yet, but I think I'm going to try the following (separated for different trips to town):

Doran's Shield + Health Pot
boots of speed + Vampiric scepter
Mercury Treads + Madred's Razors
Giant's Belt => Frozen Mallet
Bow + Pickaxe => Madred's Bloodrazors
Get as far into Guardian Angel as the game allows, and maybe upgrade the scepter to a bloodthirster.

Two powerful on-attack effects, CC, +820 Health/+101 armor/+68 Magic Resist, and a free raise to keep you in the fight long enough to get a ghost. I need another 600-odd IP before I get to check this stuff out, though.

Mordekaiser might not be as **** as everyone initially thought.

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AP is a terrible stat on Mordekaiser regardless of whether or not it comes with mana attached. His ratios are atrocious. 0.25 on Siphon is almost negligible, and even Creeping Death, which does its damage slowly and takes a long time to apply it, is still only 0.6 or so. Rylai's is only tolerable because it gives him a ranged slow, and even then I'm not totally convinced that it's better than a Frozen Mallet (mainly due to the fact that his ghost can apparently apply its slow).

And why Sunfire Capes? He isn't Rammus or Malphite; he has no reliable way to get close to people and no reliable way to keep them nearby if he does. Relying on a small, point-blank AoE seems like a bad idea.

AP is merely a plus, not to mention it works quite well with his ult. However, I primarily get Rylai's BECAUSE it allows me to "have a reliable way to get close". The range on his Siphon is huge and it is fairly spammable. As a tank I need to have a reason for them to target it me first, and if I can snare it adds a world of difference.