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[Guide] Getting your feet wet with Sion

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Hey all. This is my first guide, dedicated to the awesome hunk of stanky, axe-swingin' flesh that is Sion.

First off, let me tell the story that inspired me to write all this:

The scene is feudal Japan, 1189 AD. The man is Saito Musashibo Benkei, a ball-distortingly huge dude with a thing for spine-destroying. He tried to become a Buddhist monk, but it just wasn't violent enough for him, so he swore a blood oath to the only dude who beat him in a straight fight, samurai lord Minomoto no Yo****sune.

So time passed, and they were kicking ass and stuff, when Yoshi's brother decided to be a real **** and seize his brother's throne, calling him a traitor and such. He sent an army of putty ninjas to Yoshi's doorstep, so Yoshi did the logical thing and decided seppuku was the only way to restore his honor. (Seppuku: Disemboweling yourself to let everyone know you mean business. Also, you die from it.)

He told our man Benkei to guard the gate, cuz seppuku takes a while, and he totally did. As the story goes, once the army of goons got to the gate, they all simply stared Benkei down, wanting to preserve their spines. Now and then, one of them was dumb enough to step forward, and Benkei swiftly turned him into a haggis-looking pile of ****. After a long standoff, they decided to give The Benkinator a bad case of arrow poisoning, which he promptly took face-first without going down. This went on for another while, until they realized he had died standing up and clutching his naginata. (For those interested, Yoshi did complete the seppuku.)

I believe this story has a lot to do with Sion. More importantly, his playstyle and weaknesses. Find out why!

-------------------- Let's Analyze This Guy --------------------

Now everyone who's still reading this probably knows Sion's strengths. Besides his devilish good looks, it's probably what attracted them to the character. Despite his overall awesomeness, however, Sion has many flaws. This particular guide works for both DPS and AP Sion, but i'll use AP. Let's take a look:

1. Mana Pool

Sion's has a mana kiddie pool. (Zing!) It's way, way too small for his spell costs. The same spells you'll need to make a name for yourself as the undead steamroller you are. Regardless of whether you play AP Sion or DPS Sion, you need that shield and you need that stun. Therefore, you need that Sapphire Crystal. I know, you need survival early on, yadda yadda. That's why you have a shield. Get some health potions of you have to. By level 3, your comfort zone should have expanded a bit, provided you get a point in all 3 abilities.

2. Item Dependance

Not everyone might agree, but ol' Sion is like a ball of Silly Putty. He's got the tools to be many different things, as long as you shape him up right. Herein lies the problem: Sion is a slow starter. The first few items you get him won't make a big difference, but once level 10-12 rolls around, he starts bulldozing lanes, enemy champions be ****ed. The first step is making that Sapphire Crystal into something a bit tastier... something like Sheen.

3. Slow Zombie Is Slow

Sion is undead, which means he's slower than a mofo. Even if you're gonna be DPS Sion, don't go for those Berserker Boots... the extra 25% AS isn't worth not being scary fast. Dont underappreciate how much Sion can benefit from being fast; all his abilities will become much easier to land, he'll be harder to pin down, and keeping up with opponents once you're in their face will be a cinch. Therefore, we're getting Boots of Swiftness.

----------------------------- What Now? --------------------------------

Now, you are Saito Musashibo Benkei. You stand at the gates, daring the enemy to try and get through. Only there's 3 gates. And they have towers.

Think of yourself as the Berlin Wall on wheels. Whichever lane you're in, no enemy champion will advance. Sion is particularly dangerous to approach, and with a tower behind him there's just no way to get through. For now, let the enemy take the fight to you. Blow up all their creeps as they come, don't push past the river, and don't be a greedy *******. Your mission is to protect Yoshi, not charge into them and swing. Also, don't use the shield to weaken full-health creeps, use it when a bunch of them are already weakened to get several last hits, then mop up with the axe, preferably with at least one level of Enrage.

Most of all, pay attention to your tower. It'll let you know when the enemy makes a mistake by shooting them. If the tower shoots an opponent, you're supposed to say "You got it, milord" and stun the hell out of him/her, preferably within the tower's range. Try to anticipate the enemy's mistake if you can, and have a shield ready to explode. If you can land all 3 attacks within the tower's range, they're done. If not, they're hurting. And that's good enough.

*** Remember to wait for the tower to hit first. Even if you're alone at your tower vs 2 enemy champions, wait out their harassment until you're clear on who the tower is targeting, then strike. You'll net kills often with a little patience. ***

Now, if your enemy is a ranged attacker, they'll try to squeeze in a few shots on the tower now and then while you demolish the creeps, thinking you aren't close enough to stun them, or won't. Conserving mana is key with Sion, and getting 3+ last hits by shieldsploding a creep wave is much more beneficial than an empty stun. The threat of being stunned, however, is always there as far as they know, so just run up to them and go RAWRGH! They almost certainly will scurry off into a bush or something. If not, you have an axe. Use it.

By now, you have the hang of Sion's early game. Be cool, don't push too hard, don't be greedy, and get a teammate to help you get the golem buff if the game seems like it'll be mana-intensive for you. Shieldsplosion to rack up the dough (You can even quasi-jungle with it) and save the stun for chases and punishing mistakes. (DON'T just blow it upon sighting the enemy... you wanna do as much damage as you can before they try to run away, THEN use it.) Also, DPS or no, get a point in Enrage before Lv6. You'll feel it.

Your bread and butter combo at this stage:

Shield Up > Sheen Auto-Attack > Auto-Attack until they start runnin' > Stun > Sheen Auto-Attack > Slight pause, to give Sheen time to cool down... > Shieldsplosion > Sheen Auto-Attack

------------------------- As the game drags on... ---------------------------

So you made it this far. You've hit Lv10, maybe got a few kills or assists in your Soulstealer, and are finally starting to feel comfortable about yourself. Time to up the ante.

At this point, DPS Sions should start building their damage items, like Phage or Inf. Edge. We're not DPS Sion, but we need damage too... what you wanna get is a Lich Bane. You already have Sheen, so all you need is a Blasting Wand, then a Null-Magic Mantle. The Lich Bane's immediate effect depends on how juicy your Mejai's Soulstealer is, so depending on how good you were doing before, you'll do doubly good after this. Once you make the Lich Bane, focus on buying at least 2 Blasting Wands. You'll need them later on.

For a more hybrid Sion, snap up a couple points in Enrage by this time and get a Fiendish Codex instead of a Lich Bane. It'll boost your AP and reduce your cooldowns a bit, which is nice, but in the long run you wanna turn it into a Nashor's Tooth, which is a great item on Sion. It synergizes with Sheen, since it reduces your cooldowns significantly, gives some bonus AP, helps a bit with mana regen, and ups Sion's AS by a good amount, making good use of Enrage and Cannibalize.

As for mid-game strategies, just expand on your previous one and it's all gravy. As soon as someone makes a move on your tower, get a teammate to tag along and show them how you deal with intruders. Your mana pool is more relaxed now, so you can afford to be a little stun-happy, but judging the moment is always important. Your bread and butter combo still applies, especially if you opted for Lich Bane, which should help you dole out monstrous damage to pretty much anyone who isn't actively stacking magic resistance.

You are now free to push, as well. Your shield should be close to one-shotting entire creep waves at once, so roam the map, kill em' all, and rack up cash. Stop now and then to set up ganks, help take down a tower, maybe get a lizard buff, kill some more creeps, etc. Be active, watch the map, and know where you're needed. The one thing you should seldom try to do is take down an inner tower by yourself. You might suddenly get hit by a gank squad, and lose half your Soulstealer stacks. This is just never worth the risk.

---------------------------- God, i'm tired of typing... -------------------------------

This is it. Past the 30-minute mark, you're now in the late game. Let's recap:

Items: Mejai's Soulstealer, Boots of Swiftness, Lich Bane, 1 or 2 Blasting Wands

Abilities: Maxed Shield, Maxed Stun, Some Enrage, Some Cannibalize

You might have more or less of each, but it fluctuates from game to game. Right now, we wanna give your AP the last extra oomph it needs to make you a balls-out face marauder in late game. We need Zhonya's Ring. Combined with a juicy Mejai's, it'll boost your Shield, Stun, and Lich Bane damage to preposterous levels of deliciousness. (This is delicious! YES! YES!)

You are now the ideal Sion, a hoodless grim reaper booked solid around the clock. Creep waves die instantly, towers can't break your shield until the fourth shot, champions flee before you, no questions asked. You are now a warmonger, and will attract a lot of hate from people who die to your crazy damage before the stun wears off. If you've managed to keep your Mejai's stacks until now, buying more Blasting Wands is just icing on the diabetes-inducing cake. This is the moment all Sion's dream of and work for... just stomp everything that gets in your way as you barrel down on the enemy's base. With the help of your teammates, of course.

Seriously, if you made it to the Zhonya's Ring... just win already.

------------------------------ Disclaimer ----------------------------------

I'm not the best Sion player ever, i'm not even really that good overall.

This isn't the only way to play Sion, but it's good to start. He's a very diverse champ, so experiment.

Any questions about using him that you might have, post them and i'll do my best to give helpful answers.

I apologize if it was too long/short/didn't have runes/didn't have ability paths/didn't delve enough into DPS Sion. I feel those are better explained by someone else, as I often refer to other guides myself.

Mundo go where he pleases. *slurp*

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Try making some bullet points for your item and skill builds and just less of a wall of text in general.

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Needs more organization IMO
Too many walls of text mixing in references to some story as well as a few points being made on how to play Sion. You're suppose to be making a guide, not an english essay >:O

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Try making some bullet points for your item and skill builds and just less of a wall of text in general.

Doesn't sound like you really need this guide, anyways.

Just trying to give something back to the community... i'm sure it'll help someone somehow.

Also, i'm not supposed to be making anything. If you didn't like it, just forget about it.

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Great guide, I actually read it all but like the above poster you should try to make some bullet points or a more to the point version. Not trying to bash you, as I said: it is a great guide.