I just queue dodged...

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...someone didn't pick their champ and it was :01 to go before the game started. I've played with people that got random champs because they were afk during champ select and it usually doesn't go well.

I guess I just don't understand the penalty for the dodger. I've had times where people have dodged up to 5-7 times and it's boring, I wish it didn't happen so I could play but at the same time... I don't know why they dodged.

I can see dodging when:
1. something happens IRL and you can't play
2. someone is afk and doesn't pick a champ before the game starts
3. the team makeup is bad and no one wants to change (all carries, etc.)
4. you see someone you've played with before and they are bad, annoying, etc.
5. and so on...

Most of those reasons, I think, are reasonable for leaving the game... so why penalize the dodger? I would suggest that Riot work on making the matchmaking process go faster so when someone does dodge, a new game is formed more quickly.

For #2, Riot should force the person that doesn't pick a champ before the game starts to dodge so the rest of us don't have to take the penalty. A game shouldn't be started if one or more of the players hasn't picked a champ.

For #4, Riot should use the players' ignore list to autododge games that contain those ignored players.

In summary: Please remove the dodge penalty and find other ways to fix the problem.