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[Discussion] Adapting your item build

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I personally consider myself a mediocre player. I know I am better than a lot of other players; and I also know there are some of you out there that can also shut me down. Several of the guides of various characters talk about using technicle builds to kick your game up a notch. While I know it is better to be proactive than reactive; I thought it might be nice if some of the more advanced players out there would comment on things they see happening in game that will cause them to change their item build.

I guess I will start with the current ones I am using. Maybe they need refinement:

  • If your getting stunned alot; get mercury treads
  • If your taking alot of burst magic damage get a banshee's viel
  • If your taking alot of physical; get armor like chain vest
  • If you feel like you simply don't have enough life; then fix it (get more health items)
Thank you in advance,